"We clearly have the momentum," says Republican Dino Rossi's campaign for U.S. Senate.

The evidence?

An Aug. 31 Rasmussen poll, which has Rossi beating Democratic Senator Patty Murray, 48-46.

On top of that, there's this Aug. 18 & 19 SurveyUSA poll, which found Rossi up 52-45.

If these kinds of polling results continue to come out, it will, at the very least, be the reversal of a trend that had Murray up narrowly all summer long. Or, put another way: momentum for Rossi.

At a campaign rally with union members near South Park this morning, while Murray herself was up on stage slamming Rossi for his support of the Bush tax cuts and his opposition to Wall Street reform, I asked Murray spokesperson Julie Edwards for her take on the state of the race.

She tried to knock down any sense of Rossi momentum this way:

We aren't focused on polls. Our focus is on talking to the voters of Washington state... Obviously I disagree [that Rossi has the momentum in the race]. I'm at a rally right now with hundreds of workers who are enthusiastically supporting Patty Murray. She got the same support from Washington residents across the state at our kick off rallies two weeks ago—people understand what is at stake and why it's so important we have a strong voice for Washington state in the Senate. Mr. Rossi's has nothing to offer this state but a return to the failed policies of the past. Patty Murray fights every day to create jobs and get the economy moving.

Edwards and the Murray campaign may not be focused on polls, but the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee sure is. A short time after I talked to Edwards, a spokesperson for the DSCC made sure I'd seen this August 25-31 poll—paid for by the DSCC—which found Murray up, 50-45.