Such is the politics of our day that, of the three reasons that Murray is vulnerable, not one of these even hints at any actual positions or issues.

Which brings me to reason #4 Rossi has a chance--so far he's been able to keep this a substance-free campaign.
But Dino isn't a moderate conservative.... He just can't be painted as a right winger because he is a stealth candidate. He doesn't post his views on his web pages, doesn't give broad interviews, hasn't made a vote since he was in the state legislature and even that was only a short period. (Very Palinesque)
Wasn't Gregoire in trouble too? In 2004 and 2008? I realize that there's more trouble out there, bigger trouble, etc., but it seems to me that we've heard this song before. Here's hoping the final note is the same.
Rossi is indeed a right winger. He can't look anyone straight in the eye. He spoke at a former job of mine, and evaded calling on me (it was a small group) during the Q&A. He probably pegged me as an angry Seattle liberal.
The first two reasons are bullshit. They just made those up so there'd be three.
Yeah, I definitely would believe a political blogger from San Francisco's most liberal daily (and most conservative daily) when it comes to Washington politics. We're doomed, Patty should just drop out of the race today.
Rossi is "difficult to demonize as a right-winger"?!?

Obviously they haven't seen these ads the Murray campaign has started running on TV:…
Obviously Comrade Rossi should hold his victory party now and stop campaigning.

I can't help but laugh every time I see people who think like this. Obviously people from outside our king county bubble have no idea just how unbelievably sheep like Murray's supporters are. I'm not saying in too bad of a way, because I think if the republicans ran a "moderate conservative who is difficult to demonize as a right-winger" Murray may actually be in trouble. Dino Rossi is a slime ball who spent the last 4 years of his life working for himself and his own wealth along with trying to get elected into ANY OFFICE POSSIBLE even if he clearly has no idea what it does. Maybe he's got some social issue "going for" him, like how he thinks he should be in charge of woman's vagina's, or to remove the public school system, or to continue government destroying tax cuts with borrowed Chinese money that I'm going to have to pay back one day. Rossi is a complete tool of a joke, and the only thing separating him from what may be considered a "mainstream" republican, is an incident involving prostitutes, diapers, or the gay. So for that Rossi is "clean" but his political views are that of borrowing our future on China so him and his rich friends can hate on minorities. Fuck him.

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