A newspaper in West Virginia—The Charleston Gazette—editorializes in favor of legalizing marijuana. It reads like a NORML press release:

Soon, State Police helicopters will swoop over West Virginia hilltops, spotting lush marijuana patches. The tall plants, worth millions in the underground dope business, will be chopped down and burned. Other clusters missed by troopers will be harvested secretly and funneled into the illicit trade. There's another option: Pot-growing could be legalized and licensed by the state, creating legitimate jobs and a flood of state revenue... The war on drugs has raged for 40 years. Will America spend another century getting nowhere, jailing 2 million Americans per year, at horrendous cost? Or will leaders consider other options?

There's a debate—just 18 comments old—on the newspaper's website. Jump in. And you can send a letter to the editors by clicking here.