OK, this one is funny. I vote yes on the French Intern.
DON'T say 'mute.' Terribly behind-the-times word on relation to deaf or hard-of-hearing people.

Carry on.
That reminds me.

When will the French Intern visit the Lego Statue of Liberty at Seattle Center and the Statue in West Seattle.

buy a nice pastry at the french coffee and beignet place when you do the Seattle Center one.
how's about if i see you i slap shit outta you ? don't y'all frenchies do that ? i seent it in the movies..
or is it the british ? i get y'all all mixed up.
Not since Pepe Le Pew have Americans been treated to such a cartoonish representation of the French.
I'm a fan the concept of a presence that can be dilapidated.
He is charming. And snob.
One note pony. We get it, he's a prick. Is this going to go on everyday for a month?
I forgive your frog-ish-ness. Now please bring my salad, dressing on the side.
Lose the French motif, it's getting tired already.
troll bait
My first impulse is that you're a prick without realizing you're a prick, regardless of you denying being a prick.

My second impulse is that you're failing at one kind of sarcasm, and being blaringly obvious about another kind.

Posts before have demonstrated that you're a self-absorbed snob. You're still not getting the hint.

I want to like you, but you have to stop acting like a moron.
Since I probably won't run into on the street, so let me say this now: no, YOU fuck off.

Your English is adorable and reminds me of Alex from Everything is Illuminated.
if he has the means, the intern may want to take this opportunity to see some of america's beautiful deserts.
*swoon* I LOVE you, rude French intern. Don't listen to the haters.
French intern should also try out some of the local National Parks. I like all three of them better than Seattle itself.
ps mr frenchie . i like you and you're prolly way cuter in person than you are in them pictures. but i do think it would be fun to slap shit outta you like i seent the other frenchies do.
The last paragraph of your post seemed to legitmately end with you asking us readers for our opinion. It totally clashes with the rest of the post, fyi.
This guy is totally cracking my shit.
Everything I read from our new intern I hear in my head in the voice of Rob Schneider doing a bad French accent.
While the sentiment is nice, ASL & OFSL (Old French Sign Language, ancestor to many modern sign languages) are not related to spoken French.
Both French and Spanish treat "snob" as an adjective, but, Julien, you must know that in English it is strictly a noun. The adjective you want is "snobbish". "I am snobbish" or "I am a snob".

There, now you'll go to bed less ignorant.
No, there is also le Snob.

God, you're pedantic when you're wrong, Fnarf.
French Intern ROCKS! Don't worry about the haters, French Intern, as they no doubt wear dad jeans and have bad posture.
Maybe you could take Dan shopping for shoes, I hear he no longer has his white sneakers? And a scarf and a beret, mmm.
It's really funny when you read it with a French accent. Pepe Le French Intern!
At first I thought L'Interne Francais was just on the cusp between irritating and amusing. Now I'm starting to like him.

Please continue to post, and stay snob.
It's mudede right?
No, he's left.
"I'm sorry guys, this isn't working. You're a blast to hang with, and you're great dancers, but I'm not gay. I'm just gay for Julien."
Can Julien stay for longer than a month? Maybe forever?
@23, try reading @22 again, but sloooowly.
He said English.

If he meant American English, he should have specified that.
Thanks, gus. Reading sloooowly is undoubtedly a specialty of Willie boy here, but I don't think comprehension comes with.

But I gotta say, you're slipping already, Mister Frenchie Man. I don't think this post is going to make it to 50 comments, let alone 100. Your string is broken.
@22: That was a gem.

@33: How does he even capture your attention? All I hear is white noise.
What 21 said. Yeah 21!

Sign languages are not "renderings" of spoken language into signs, a common misperception. They are distinct languages. ASL is as distinct from spoken English as spoken Russian is from spoken English. Same with FSL from French. (There are signing systems such as Signed English, which is a system for rendering spoken English in signs, but that is not the same thing as ASL.)

Although Brits and Americans can understand each other speaking English, people using British sign language and American Sign Language are _not_ mutually intelligible to each other, but ASL and FSL are mutually intelligible (largely). This is because American schools for the deaf early on relied on students and teachers trained in France, and not in Britain.
C'mon people. Let's get this one above 100 comments, too.
@35: No shit? Huh.

Oh, and Fnarf? In Spanish it's - charmingly and hilariously - "esnob."
Sorry to add yet another comment on sign languages, it's a niche thing, what can I say?
ASL was not imported from France, and the beloved legend about its trip across the ocean in the persons of Laurent Clerc and Mr. Gallaudet is only a tiny part of the story about Where We Get Our ASL From. There were at least two sign languages here in small but living communities when OFSL got here. Likely more that we don't know much about.
Also, the OFSL origins of many new world sign languages are very very fragile and difficult to trace.
So, that sign language teacher needs to keep up with the state of knowledge in sign language history. Maybe that's why the class was free?
It's Monsieur Poe!
vive la france!
@29 - YES!

Daddy, I want a french intern NOW!!! I want to lock it all up in my pocket...
I'll bet Dan wishes he was French, so he could get the top post count.
@2 what are we to say, then? Being deaf doesn't make you automatically unable to speak, nor vis versa.
Pour moi-meme, je suis enchantee! Julien, vous etes ma bete noire...... je les adore, ces betes noires!
I'm glad we got to chat! You are adorable.

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