You may need to fund your retirement with a bidding war amongst the suitors for your job.
Damn, the "every-sentence-is-a-separate-cut" form of editing is irritating as hell. Anyone that regularly interacts with teens, just mentally throw in "like" at every cut - should help make this more familiar to you.
I thought we were just going to replace you with the French Intern ...
Why worry? You have an age advantage of, what, thirty years over him.
They're replacing you with an irritating little yenta?
I really like the kid!!!! Great advice too!
OMG this guy makes me wish I was about 6 years younger (and possibly a dude). I wouldn't date him, but I'd absolutely have weird late-night youthful-enthusiasm-fueled escapades running around playgrounds and overpasses. We'd also occasionally cuddle and watch movies and then it'd be awkward when I left to go home at 4AM.
Pffft. I write a sex advice column in my college paper that's a whole lot better than this (yes, I am tooting my own horn). Even used your "being monogamous doesn't mean you don't WANT to fuck other people" quote this week.

But, I dunno, Dan. I don't want your job... and I don't want this guy to have it either. Can you just not retire for a while, please?
But this kid IS pretty funny.
I love this kid's approach. I agree with the every line a new shot thing, but it only annoyed me like every 20 shots, so that's not too bad (and I say this as an epileptic who tends to be really sensitive to shaking cameras and such).

Thanks for sharing, Dan. This kid's adorable.
I've read your column, Ness. That's a correct assessment.
Why would anyone take sex advice from someone who is barely past puberty?

And the quick cuts every few seconds is really, really annoying.

If I could get past the annoying format, some of his advice wasn't all bad.
Aw, at first I thought I would hate this, but it really grew on me! He's adorable!
I'm guessing the eye tic/leftward head feint gets him stuffed into lockers on a regular basis.
Reverse Polarity,

I love the avatar/profile picture. I makes me smile. I want to follow Calvin's example, and race free away from life's responsibilities. Good choice.


He's cute, but don't retire just yet.
@2 I agree. made me seasick.
What a cutie-pie! I didn't mind the quick edit thing so much once I got used to it. I don't get why any of his four options for gym girl would make her a bitch, but meh, he's young and I'm willing to let one slide.
Dan, why are people talking about your retirement?! You're not considering retiring, are you?? :(((

On the other hand, if you make enough $$ to retire at your age, maybe *I* could have your job! :)

It's the only way to keep the attention of the shallow tech-obsessed kiddies. Anything that lasts longer than 5 seconds & they tune out. Frightening that this generation of vapid muppetheads will be changing my diapers one day.
@ 12 - I agree, RP (and I love the avatar, too). Cute as a button, lots of bubbly energy, but he needs a fair number of waking-up-in-the-morning-going-"Where-am-I?" moments, a fair number of glorious 3-ways, and a fair amount of heartbreak to give him the kind of perspective that any gay sex columnist worth his salt needs.
@11 - And here I was expecting someone to tell me to stop being pretentious. Thank you, I appreciate that!
Dan is not gay. He had a child with a woman! This child is the "hip" offspring.
Dan Savage ruined the world.
Feel free to retire at any time, Dan.

Hey, where are the outrage comments about this kid being sex-negative. "don't have a threesome...." That totally reminds me of advice I assume is given in the Deep South....
Neil is adorable and insightful and a joy to watch. Check out his youtube channel and I think you'll be surprised at the versatility of this guy. :-)
Oh this kid is adorable and smart! Sure he needs more life experience to give even better advice, but he's off to a great start. Rock on little dude. Great hair BTW.
I actually took a year Japanese with this kid. He's pretty funny and kind-hearted; and a bit vain. Having said that, there is something about him that makes me want to put him in a headlock and give him noogies. No logical explanation.
he's really rather cute, but for fucks sake all the cuts and angle changes made me want to scream.

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