Dimetrodon is the coolest dinosaur ever!
MOAR dinosaur news!
In other words, SHARKOSAURUS?!
When I was a child I wanted to be a paleontologist. My father told me to not waste my time, all of the bones would be dug up by the time I became an adult. Believing my father to be a smart guy, I quickly lost interest in Dinosaurs. What a fucking douche.
As an aspiring vertebrate paleontologist, this is relevant to my interests.
It's a bit strange, though. The dorsal ridge/sail and the long skinny tail say spinosaurid, but the shape of the skull (short heavy upper jaw, pronounced brow ridges, and light lower jaw) say allosaurid. And then of course the depicted forearm feathers are more commonly seen on maniraptors than on less evolved theropods.

@1: Troll harder. Dimetrodon was not a dinosaur, fool.
@3: Google "Carcharodontosaurus".
@4: That's bogus as all hell. Feels bad, man.
@5, the fuck you say!!! Dimetrodon was the motherfucking KING of the dionsaurs! Dimetrodon will breathe his fiery breath upon you for your insolence too! I saw proof of all this in a "land of the lost" episode! Take that, biotch!!!

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