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The pope is probably hiding the first guy.
DAN where have you been??? You haven't slogged for over 24 hrs! No letter of the day yesterday, nuthin. You always slog - from the plane, from the beach, anywhere, everywhere. I was worried sick & going thru Dan withdrawals. I thought you had been man-napped.

(p.s. these comments are in no way reflective of why I am not currently in a relationship)
50% of the male offenders today are homosexual.

That seems a little higher than the percentage of homosexuals in the population.

Jennifer has been featured several times before.....
of Spotsylvania !?! Tell me this is a cartoon town.
surely it's not illegal to distribute pornographic photos of adult men. Just saying
Never trust anybody named Salazar.
Spotsylvania is a real place, and in fact, was the site of a major American Civil War battle:…
Christians are so WEIRD!
Dan, wish you had included the part of the article for Jennifer Brennan that mentioned her side of the story. She took a plea, did not plead guilty. Her side also is that she was raped by the teenager. She also has a lot of support from the community and family (including her husband.)

I know you just post summaries of the stories usually without comment, but it would be nice to have seen more of both sides.
please don't contaminate slog with both sides of the story, or fairness, or factual accuracy.
none are appreciated, or allowed, or ever found on the slog.
Spotslyvania County, ie "Spotsy" is the dregs of the DC outer suburbs. The only thing to do besides drive for an hour into DC is get drunk and have illicit sex.
Just because you have support - doesn't mean the facts are not true, some people simply do not want to see them. You can show some folks an entire Dinosaur skeleton, yet they will still deny their existence. The other side of Jennifer's case in which she was properly convicted is AFTER BEING CAUGHT, accused the minor of rape, an attempt to make a horrible situation worse, to further ruin a child's life - as if using a position in a church as a shield to conduct statutory rape was not overdoing it.
I have talked with some of the supporters in the area, so far I have found they really liked Jen and her family. Husbands a nice guy (poor bastard), good kids, etc - they can not understand, can not process how she could do something like this, they wish this simply didn't happen - don't we all. I have not found anything logical with the supported stance, just wishes and pixie dust.
I wish poor Mae above understood the law and life better. Yes, Jennifer "took a plea", and that, Dear Mae, means she pled "guilty" to some of the counts. Didn't you hear her when she uttered the word "guilty" three times?
I'm sorry Mae showed in her comments above how much she does not understand the law. Yes, Jennifer "took a plea", but that means she "plead guilty" to charges. Didn't Mae hear Jennifer utter the word "guilty" three times? There is no getting around it--the boy did not rape her, but what she did to him is called "statutory rape".
I'm with mae, 99% people jump to conclusions, This is one instance when the truth is being overlooked in favor of ignorance.

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