King and Prince now vote for the Super Wealthy Tax Reduction.

Working men Ballmer and Bezos vote against.

The case is clear.

Those who own....versus those who work.
Good for you Bill.
The WSJ item does not say what you say it says, Eli.
@3: It seems to say he will vote for 1098 -- did I miss something?
@1 Are you a filthy rich asshole, or did you get dropped on your head as a child?

1098 supporters having a field day:…

I always knew Bill had brains.
@1 "The case is clear. Those who own....versus those who work."

Hey asshole! One is retired after working 50+ years. The other retired early, after working 25 years, realizing he couldn't possibly make anymore money. Both were born and raised in Western Washington.

If anything its two local boys vs the transplants to bring forth a better tax system for our state. Im sure it will lead to taxing middle and lower class, but as long as other things (lowering property/sales taxes) are offset in phases over 40 years, im ok with that.
for the record, bill sr. works just about every day at the gates foundation... the whole family 'works' quite a bit considering. it's hard to really comprehend the time and energy they spend on participating and driving what they do. without that dedication they wouldn't have gotten to where the did.
@5 and @8, Supreme Ruler Of The Universe is another dual of John Bailo. He is such an obvious troll that people just start ignoring him, so he keeps having to change his name hoping they don't notice.

Why did you leave a town where there's 100 girls for 75 guys?


This is what I love about thin-skinned Washingtonians.

One day they're waxing poetic to try and rope people in to their overpriced condos situated on smelly downtown streets, and the next minute they claim supremacy because of their Washington Native status.

After that they lose all their cool Nordic exterior and start panting and cussing people out.

Lovely to see such behavior...
@12: so, you're talking about republican developers and realtors, right?

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