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I love this! Yay SF!

Great reminder that straight allies need to be OUT as such. There are more of us! We must be visible and accessible.

Wow! I teared up on this one.
The best part was seeing the chanting crowd. What better way to send the message, "You're not alone."
I love my home city. Yay SF!!!
That was awesome. Thumbs up. Reminds me that a visit to SF is long overdue.
Lovely. Absolutely lovely.
This one made me cry.
These things keep making me cry!
That's the happiest one I've seen so far! So much love and reassurance.... awesome.
1982: My first month living in San Francisco, riding on a bus, some snotty teenager made some nasty homophobic loud-mouthed cracks. Several grownups stood up to dress him down. Besides different variations of "shame on you" I remember one man saying, "Listen up! This in SAN FRANCISCO and we don't talk like that in SAN FRANCISCO!"

Sometimes I am so proud of my new hometown!
I love San Francisco.

Many years ago I was drunkenly staggering around the Castro Halloween party, back before it was overrun with thugs and subsequently shut down. At one point, some belligerent out-of-towner started shouting that "some faggot" had grabbed his ass. Everyone else pointed at him and laughed. Loudly.
So when's this happening in Seattle?
That gap-toothed gal in the cape is a superstar! After seeing Matt's teaser on this I'm surprised it turned out to be a PSA, with some of them reading from the same script - and I was NOT expecting a bouncy ad-music track...I don't care, I love how he looks deeeep into the camera while shaking his head around.
I wouldn't expect less from my former hometown :-)
This one really got me. I'm gonna have to hide in my office until my tears recede. I am so glad this is happening.
T shirts?
thank you dan savage. thank you all.
This is so awesome. <3 It made me smile through my happy tears (on a bad depression day). Thank you so much.

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