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I want to thank you for this project.

My son is 14 and a freshman in high school in rural Georgia. He isn't athletic. He isn't religious. He isn't in ROTC. He has long hair and reads books. He is constantly being called "gay" or "faggot," often times by the people he thought were his friends. He tries to ignore them, but it doesn't stop them. He tries to debate them, but it doesn't stop them. So far, it hasn't gone beyond name calling, but I worry. I showed him your site the day it went live. He sat down and watched the video that you and Terry put up. Since then I have seen him checking the site out on his own. I don't know if he is gay. But I do know that your message has touched him, although he does confide that four years is still a long time to wait for things to get better. I think that seeing so many other people say the same things holds much more weight than having his mother tell him.

So, thank you again for sharing.