I love the argument that gays and lesbians have the "same right" to marry as everyone else—because, hey, we're just as free to marry opposite-sex partners as straight people are. But when an American marries a foreign national the feds don't just check to make sure that you've married an opposite-sex partner with opposite-sex genitalia before handing your foreign-born spouse his US citizenship. The feds make sure you're fucking your opposite-sex partner, that you have a sexual relationship, not just a marriage license, because the feds don't think a marriage is a marriage unless you're making sweet, sweet love to your opposite-sex partner's opposite-sex genitalia. (A lot of straight people are trapped in sexless marriages—when are the feds going to declare their marriages void?)

So they may say we have the "same right to marry" as everyone else, but what they mean is this: gay people who we want equality under the law should become straight people.