The battle over Washington booze is still raging. According to Monday's PDC filings, the Initiative 1100 campaign, which would give Washington the loosest booze laws in the country, has over $3 million in contributions, primarily from Costco and Safeway (along with contributions from local restaurants). Meanwhile, Initiative 1105 has roughly $2.2 million in contributions, all from liquor distributors.

Both initiatives would end the state's monopoly on hard liquor sales and allow businesses with current beer and wine licenses to begin selling liquor. For an exhaustingive breakdown of the differences between the two initiatives, read this.

Meanwhile, the Protect Our Communities campaign has raised $7.1 million to oppose both initiatives on the grounds that they jeopardize public safety and turn the 10-and-under crowd into rowdy alcoholics by making alcohol more readily available. However, over $4 million of their contributions come from big beer interests located outside Washington who don't want their products competing with hard liquor on supermarket shelves.

The drama!!!! The anxiety!!! Which one is better?? Or are they both terrible???

Don't fret: The Stranger is partnering with the Washington Bus and the Seattle Nightlife and Music Association to host a liquor debate on October 19. Both initiatives and the opposition will be represented, so you have plenty of time to make up your mind.


But in the meantime...