This week The Stranger called out Washington State Supreme Court Justice Richard B. Sanders as a High Court Hypocrite. Why? Well, among other things, he ruled against equal marriage rights for gays and lesbians on the grounds that homos are all wild and crazy sluts whose households are unsuitable places to raise children, and then it turned out that Justice Sanders himself is twice divorced and has been dating multiple women simultaneously. But, um, in 1998 we saw the guy a bit differently:


Those three bottles of booze next to his picture? They designated Justice Sanders as the candidate in the 1998 primary who we most wanted to go out drinking with. (Look, it's entirely possible that we were drunk already when we wrote the endorsement.) It all raises a question: Will the "delightful personality" of Justice Sanders work its magic on the Stranger Election Control Board again this year?

High suspense, we know. Look for the answer when our endorsement issue comes out on Oct. 14.

(And for more on how our primary election pick in September of 1998 became our feature subject in October of 2010, click HERE.)