So that's why he wants the Billionaires Tunnel - so he can force the scooters to use the roads while he rides in comfort in a secure cycle-free transit-free space ....
The Defense: "I didn't hear it."
Tim Ceis is also the guru behind the No campaign against I-1100 and I-1105. His firm has already been paid $25,000 by the campaign. He's leading the whole thing behind the scenes.

The campaign is basing itself on weepy TV ads that are supposed to be standing for public safety in Washington. And the head of the campaign smashes into a scooter and speeds off? Talk about hypocrisy.

It just goes to show you how dishonest the No campaign is. The Ceis-led campaign claims to be about public safety, but is actually funded by more than $6 million in Big Beer money: Budweiser, Coors and national beer distributors. These companies do not care one iota about public safety or welfare of Washington residents. They care about their profits.
I understand now why Steve Nicholas didn't encourage my proposition of free parking for scooters, like the much larger city of Toronto allows: he was trying to protect our scooters from Tim Ceis.
We need to mount lasers on our scooters around here.
Comment more often, Will. You're really funny and interesting and we want to hear what you have to say. More, more.
@6, because otherwise there might be at least one slog reader in the universe who won't read the fresh and zingy misplaced Billionaire Tunnel reference.
I have a question. My scooter got hit while parked. Someone got the plate of the driver, gave it to me, I contacted the police, and they gave me his name and address. He was not charged with a hit and run, and I ended up having to take him to small claims court to get him to pay for damages to my scoot (I won). What determines who gets charged with a hit and run and who doesn't? The guy who hit me was a complete jerk, and I would have loved to have caused his insurance rates to go sky-high.

Call the City Attorney's and ask them. Tell us what they tell you.
@3 one good thing does not make up for one bad thing.

@6 you know, if you tried to get out more, you wouldn't be so bitter.
That scooter had it coming.

Free Tim Ceis!!!!
Isn't Ceis a lobbyist for the phonebook companies as well?
Here is a good one! I emailed the city attourney and asked why it was ok for Bill Gates Senior to hit and run and get awy with it and her answer was this...When victims of hit and runs are fully compensated for damages to their vehicles and do not want to pursue prosecution, it is our policy to 1) not charge in the first place or 2) dismiss the charge. That is what happened in both the cases of Bill Gates Sr. and Tim Ceis. Restitution was made in full and the โ€œvictimsโ€ declined to be part of a court proceeding. I suggest we all vote her out the next go around. If you have money to spare there are no laws in washington.

Kimberly Mills

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