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Much like the Tillman case - we have seen the enemy and he is us
@1 Huh. I though the enemy were the guys that stoned women to death, keep little girls from going to school, and abet a terrorist organization that routinely targets civilians.

Now I'm no jingoistic flag waver, but give me a break.

"Violent deaths - Modus operandi - Very sad- I do nothing but blog"

eh, "Seattle's Only Newspaper" is a cuter, safer, more politically correct tagline

....PLUS... cute enough to maybe ensure an ally in the MoveOn Soccer Moms ...the Military-Industrial-Journalism complex generates money for war, money for prostitute want-ad space, money for little jonny (comes marching home) to play iphone Savage Love in Second Life apps (a little bit of sci-fi don't hurt), money money money -- be aggressive toward anyone -- generate money, generate buzz

"Violent Deaths, Our Only Newspaper's Mission"

No worries, it gets better

@4, you really ought to take a break from the drugs for a while. Whew.
Good Morning Charles,
Yeah, I read about that tragedy in yesterday's paper. Terribly sad. Linda Norgrove RIP.

For those that might not know it her death however coincident & unfortunate is known as "collateral damage" or in this case "friendly fire". She was kidnapped by reactionary forces. They are held accountable. We the USA & its Allies are are conducting a war with the Taliban in at least one theater, Afghanistan. War is evil but sometimes a necessary one. We are at war with the Taliban because they were complicit in 9/11. In addition, they made life hell for Afghani women and distorted a great religion. They made war on us not the other way around.

Charles, I understand your point. I recall what Sartre (?) once said "A victory with details is indistinguishable from a defeat." I'll grant you that. However, I am not a pacifist. I want these bastards held accountable. Ms. Norgrove death is not in vain. This is a just war. I believe Pres. Obama knows that.
@6: i sure hope we're not "at war" with the taliban because they "distorted a great religion". because that religion is as fucked up as any other. they no more distort islam than our own mars hill distorts christianity.

as lawrence wright says: only americans can destroy america.
It would be interesting to see what today's world would look like without the interventions from all the empires and super powers. Afghanistan without the US post 9/11 action, without wealthy arabs pushing their extremist brand of islam, without the US funding of the mujahideen in the 80's, without the Soviet invasion of 1980, without the British occupation before that, etc. Probably just another poor country, but at least half the people wouldn't be getting blown up.
8: Unfortunately its geography precludes any such luxury.

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