It's important to reiterate here that nobody would be digging into Christine O'Donnell's bedroom habits if she didn't make her bedroom (and everyone else's bedroom) such an important issue. But she does, and so Wonkette is:

[O'Donnell] had a man over her house all the time, and a neighbor complained about this, because “the walls upstairs are very thin.” Surprise! Christine O’Donnell seems to be sexually active and now seems to live with a her new boyfriend, who is described as “a heavy-set Christian rocker with a pudding-cup beard,”... And a neighbor says she never showed up at the local Catholic Church until she was running for office. So basically she is a hypocrite on every point of her platform, which according to the media is being against sex and for Jesus.

Candidates, the moral of the story is: If you don't want people to think of your genitals all the time, don't talk about your genitals.