I think by "loud sex" you mean her Satanic chants during orgies.
Pudding-cup beard?
It's not sex if it's in the ass.
I'm with @2. ...the fuck? What's a pudding-cup beard?
@2 Glad I'm not the only one who doesn't know what the hell they're talking about... and I know beards!
@2: Kind of like a pudding-bowl haircut, only on the chin. That's my interpretation.
I agree with you all. What exactly does a pudding cup beardlook like? Cuz I think I may have one...
Hmm. If you want to run for office, don't talk about sex ever? Even 15 years ago (or whenever that masturbation video was made)? I mean, look, like a good liberal, I think she's crazypants, of course. But, talking about sex 15 years ago gives everyone license to make all the sexual jokes they want about her? And now, apparently, to report on her personal sex life?

As far as I know, she is not running on an anti-sex/anti-masturbation platform (she has even said that she doesn't think the government or her personal beliefs should have a role in regulating private sexual behavior). I haven't even heard anything about how she's anti-gay (I mean, I'm assuming she is, but I pay attention to political campaigns and I haven't heard of her campaigning on anti-gay issues).

So, why do we get to pry into her private sexual life again?
#7 - it's a bowl haircut, not a pudding bowl haircut.

I don't even know what a pudding cup is, let alone a pudding cup beard.
I googled it, and found out a pudding cup is slang for an anus. No results for pudding cup beard, though.
@9 She's anti-sex in general. She claimed on some talking heads show (posted to slog a while back) that teenage sexuality isn't an inevitability and we should encourage chastity, not encourage promiscuity by making birth control available. She said, and I quote, "I am a grown woman in my 30's and I remain chaste."
I think the point is that she's perpetuating this sex-negative aspect of the political right in a "do as I say, not as I do" kind of way. Her moral standards are impossible to uphold, even for her, and the constant barrage of anti-sex blather likely does more harm than good when it comes to our sexual freedoms and sexual health, as a nation. the point...I think.
@9 I don't believe she has clearly and unequivocally recanted her lunatic anti-human positions.

I know she isn't saying them now (in fact she hasn't really said anything of substance lately) but that's because someone told her it makes her look like a dingbat.

Let her fully recant and show she is sex positive and perhaps we'll give her a pass one her personal life.
I don't think Chaste means what she think it does.

Unless she can't spel gud.
Well, apparently THIS is a "pudding-cup beard"?

(Because this is the guy she fucking)
*Allegedly fucking
Sweet tuxedo t-shirt Mr. Pudding Cup Beard is rockin' there.
From my own searches, apparently it's a beard that looks like you've just plowed your face into a bowl of chocolate pudding w/o using utensils.

i.e. an unkempt, large goatee.
Then I have pudding cup testicles.

While Yakity Democrats have given lip service to DADT, bold Log Cabin Republicans have legislated the dreaded inequality out of existence.

They say. We DO.

Go Republicans. Go Log Cabin.…

@12 - So, that video where she says she's chaste is 7 years old. Now, I'm not saying she shouldn't be held accountable for the crazy things she's said in the past. But, using "but she said she was chaste 7 years ago!" as an excuse to go digging into her bedroom habits, is pretty weak, in my opinion.
Urban Dictionary has solved the mystery of the pudding cup:…

I am not sure what this has to do with a beard.
@21 but she was.

For one day, seven years ago.

Doesn't that mean he has a really hairy asshole?

Enquiring minds want to know how the neighbors know this.
@15 Hmmmm... Doesn't he have a bit of that worlocky, Satanic worship, coven-joining vibe going on?
I'm seeing smoke coming out of her ears now.

Oh, wait, that's pudding.
Speaking of genitals, the phrase "heavy-set Christian rocker with a pudding-cup beard" made my climb up into my throat.
It may have been quite a while since I willingly darkened the door of a Catholic church, but I believe it is still true that "Christian Rockers" and Catholicism don't mix.

At least I hope not. I will always give the church credit for great music and architecture, and it would greatly disappoint me if they were becoming Protestanty in those areas.
if anyone ever described me as “a heavy-set Christian rocker with a pudding-cup beard", i'd fucking kill myself.

Christine, there's probably a million men in America who'd like to hate fuck your crazy ass, and it's likely every one of them can do it much much better than Puddin' Cup.
It means it looks like he dipped his chin in a pudding cup because he's a sloppy fatass. Jesus.
@29 Who knows? Maybe he's so good he fucked the "chaste" right out of her.
I image searched "pudding-cup beard." I saw a few things I couldn't make sense of, and a few things I wish I hadn't, but none of them were helpful.

I'm guessing it's one of those "O" shaped goatee/mustache combos? But, you know, on an overweight Christian rocker.

@28 - I agree with your suspicions. Christian Rock is the domain of Born Again, which is about as similar to Catholicism as Baha'i.
@28, Catholics and music don't mix at all.

Plus, John Birchers thought that sweet sweet Sister Bernadette in her beige cardigan and pleated skirt playing folky things on a guitar during mass was the devil incarnate playing "hootenanny music."
It greatly pleases me that a stupid, crazy, hateful (sorta) hottie can't do better than that.
Pudding-cup beard = female anus + male pubes.
Rob, dear, I can only speak for myself, but Gregorian chants and most of the traditional hymns sound fine to me. It may be a bit stuffy for the Wal-mart crowd, but we never did get along.

As for the John Birch society, I have to cop to being apparently something of an anomaly: dad was a Jesuit trained lawyer, and both my parents were FDR Democrats. Our parish was working class and traditional, headed up by an ex Navy chaplain who never had an inappropriate moment with this ex altar boy, and who put up Vietnamese refugees and Native Americans in town for the Wounded Knee trial at a time when both groups were regarded with suspicion and prejudice by the town at large. Our Bishop was a notorious pacifist who was stridently anti-war and anti-nuclear proliferation. I never knew there was such a thing as a Republican Catholic until I was in high school.

The Catholic church of my youth is long gone, and I long since gave up on it's "moral authority" , but there are many positive things about my upbringing that I take with me.
Pudding cup beard -- just the bottom part of a goatee.
I guess since she's not going to be elected for office, she won't have to apologize for being a hypocrite.
@37, I must admit to somewhat drinky slogging circa 5 p.m. (maybe still).

The liturgical music itself is indeed often wonderful; it's the rendering thereof by most Catholic congregations that is weirdly tepid and off-key. They can't hold a votive candle to a random Protestant assemblage belting out one of their standards. This wasn't helped by the fact that every single Catholic church I ever attended (except for cathedrals) made do for some reason with chintzy little Lowrey electronic organs that weren't even hooked into the main P.A. system, while the smallest Protestant churches had pipe organs they seemed to be constantly upgrading with state trumpets and whatnot.

Ah well. You, me, Dan, and so many others are indeed the products of our upbringing, and we do well to at least acknowledge the influence. Sometimes it feels like internalized homophobia; other times it seems somehow to be the wellspring of my sense of fairness, justice, and righteous anger.
I think you have an excellent point, Rob, and would have agreed whole-heartedly until recently being forced to attend an in-laws fundamentalist church service down in Puyallup: The altar looked like Neighbours in the early '90's, was dominated by an enormous drum set, and all the music was played on a Yamaha keyboard. Most of the singing was done by a rather ersatz quartet, whos PA system easily overwhelmed the congregation's attempt to join In. But since they were so busy waving their hands and crying, I don't think anyone noticed.

But your comment brings back a memory: One Good Friday (or Holy Thursday, or some dreary observance) it was decided that the congregation at the overwhelmingly old people's service should sing that Protestant dirge "were you there?" .

Those assembled struggled through it sullenly (all twenty-five verses or so) and turned in a really dreadful performance. When it was done, the priest rose, walked to the lectern and said "by the way you handled that song, I think I can say with assurance that Our Lord was happy you weren't there"

It wasn't good form to laugh during Holy Week, but that line bought the house down.

Is an ersatz quartet a trio with an inflatable doll standing where the tenor should be?
In this particular case it was two nervously goateed tenors, a bitchy soprano and one terrified looking woman who I am pretty sure was lip syncing. The whole thing was rather shrill, especially for such a testosterone laden interpretation of the scriptures.
@41, you're confusing "fundamentalist" with "Protestant." They are very different. But I never belted out anything in my Methodist choirboy years. If I had to go back to church, I'd pick compline at St. Marks or the psalmist at St. James over any random Protestant congregation--and especially over a Christian rocker, pudding cupped or otherwise.
I propose that "pudding cup" become the term used when referring to girls who only do anal so they can stay a "virgin" because of their religious beliefs.


"I'm totally horny for my God-rocker boyfriend, but Jesus would cry if I had regular sex. I guess we'll just have to open the pudding cup."


"Stacie told me at the last revival that she's never had sex, but I know her boyfriend spends most nights over at her place. I bet she's a pudding cup virgin."
lol huh...if shes psychologically sound...or come on ive seen it many guys call a woman a whore cuz she didnt sleep with them? its like clinton dude he got a bj ya sucks for his wife...its not respectful to either women, women running for office should know should men.
maybe she is she the one investigating everyone elses bedroom? only thing shes enjoying thinking of? obviously shes got enough class to keep her mouth shut. or say no. its kinda her perogative which means if you dont know....uh y you trying to find out?

y is it your guys main focus like the olsen twins turning 18?

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