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You mean, "they've only *won* twice after their bye week"
@1, fixed thanks. My favorite spellcheck error from a student this quarter: mascaraed for masquerade. Makes a big difference when talking about Jay Gatsby as disguised.

@2 Urlacher's not white. He's white trash. Which, in American racial terminology, makes him not part of the dominant, even if he did bang Paris Hilton for a while.
why "second-least popular"? a 35-year old, creaky, bald republican is their marquee player. they play in a geographically isolated market. we're lucky we have football at all.
Chicago Fan, are you surprised that Milton Bradley turned out to have by far been the least of the Mariners' problems this year?
Correction: the Steelers stomped nobody in Super Bowl XL, something obvious to anyone who watched it and now confirmed by the ref who handed it over to Shittsburgh.
@6, yes, also, this
@6 So true.
You guys ought to stop ignoring the Sounders! Two-time defending US Open champions.
We should get rid of the Seahawks and replace them with a Women's Soccer team.
Matt Hasselbeck is one of the top five bald white athletes of ALL-TIME!

Also, can't wait to see how Marshawn Lynch (a real RB, good riddance Julius Jones) plays this weekend.

Beast Mode.…
The Hawks need to start playing Whitehurst more. And draft Ricky Stanzi.
#2 best be trollin'
@10 Oh sure US Open champions. Winners of a trophy nobody has heard of, cares about, or is even sure why it is considered important.

I do know one thing though. The US Open is actually "The Lamar Hunt US Open." Who is Lamar Hunt, you ask? Well the late Lamar Hunt aside from being a sportsman and an important and avid promoter of sports is best known as being the founder of the American Football League and owner of the Kansas City Chiefs until his death in 2006.

So to put it to you another way. Your precious tournament and trophy exists solely due to a man who is a giant of American football and one of the people responsible for making "Hand-Egg" the number one sport in America.

Your US Open is honorarium.

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