From the mailbox...

"A bullied straight kid goes home to a parent who is on his side. A bullied gay kid goes home to more bullying and is dragged off to a church for more bullying from the pulpit," Savage said.

I cannot believe you said this, and the emotions I am feeling from this and the psychological affects are almost overwhelming. I am a Christian who attends a very Biblical-based Bible Church here in Portland, Oregon, and this is far from the truth. While some Church's may preach from the pulpit against homosexuality, the general consensus among Bible Church's is they do not. We for the most part really don't care what you people do. You live your lifestyle, and we live ours. I am 36 years old, and have been in the Church my entire life, and I have never, ever once, had a preacher preach from the pulpit bullying gays. Matter of fact, just a few years ago, our choir director went to our pastor and told him he had an inclination of being gay, and understood where the Church stood on the issue, and respected it, so he and the pastor hugged, cried together, and he went his way, and we hope that he is doing well where ever he is.

I'm not sure where you are getting your information, but it is mainly false. Some radical Church's may bully from the pulpit, but they are the few.

I would ask that you make a public apology for this statement for offending me, and the Church. I am getting sick and tired of the finger pointing at the Church when it is just a few who make it look bad for the masses. I am also considering contacting the ACLU and getting legal advice to see if this is deemed Hate Speech, because your statement affects me as I am in Bible College and looking at a Pastoral Ministry life ahead. This type of speech concerns me, and should be done away with. I look forward to hearing from you real soon to get this resolved.

George S.

Where to start?

I said that, George—you can believe it.

Moving on: the constitution doesn't protect us from having our feelings hurt. If it did, it would be illegal for "Christians" (in quotes to distinguish the fake ones from the real ones) wouldn't be allowed to run around telling gay kids that their magic sky friend Jesus is going to send them to hell. But it is legal for "Christians" to say that—even to children—and it should be legal.

And anti-gay preachers are hardly a figment of my imagination. And while you claim that your pastor doesn't condemn gays and lesbians from his wee pulpit, your church's organist—why is it always the organist?—nevertheless felt compelled to part ways with your church after he decided to come out about his gay "inclinations." (Or was he sent packing once he came out? Only Pastor Hugs knows for sure.) Good for your ex-organist, George, because he can do better than your bible church. But the gay kids in your congregation—and there are gay kids your congregation—don't enjoy the same freedom of worship. Your organist could come out and leave and become one of "you people" (lovingly put!), but the gay kids at your church probably aren't in a position to 1. come out to mom and dad and 2. tell mom and dad that they're not going to be accompanying to church on Sundays anymore.

Okay, gotta run—plane to catch. He's all yours now, Slog.