Eyman always did prey on the gullible.
maybe the media companies that he's buying time from should ask him to provide factual backup for the ad's claims.

oh shit i crack myself up.

1098 is a Tax on the Middle Class.

Vote NO on 1098.
What's wrong with being 30th? That's a contest I don't really want to win
4: Actually, we're 35th, according to the Tax Foundation in looking at state and local tax burdens. Washington has been dropping steadily since 1989, when we were 16th. But you won't hear that FACT from Eyman.
Timmy never lets the facts get in the way of his lies.
has timmeh ever told the truth? i am guessing no. professional liar sans a real job. is he still dunmire's 'benefactor'?
Here's a TV segment by Tim Eyman in which he explains his opposition to I-1098:…
This is why I am opposed to the whole notion of voter initiatives: it is comically easy for the process to be hijacked by demagoguery of the rankest sort. Laws should be passed in a forum that is accountable to the people, but insulated from wild-eyed herd panic and subject to procedures to ensure proper deliberations. Hence, we have legislatures.

Allowing uninformed voters to tie the hands of the legislature and overturn carefully considered laws defeats the whole point of having a legislature and is a form of mob rule. We have initiatives where I live, too - and I am voting NO on all of them!

If we are going to have initiatives, however, we should at least have a law to forbid false and misleading statements in political advertising. Such a law would be good even if all we ever voted on was candidates, but initiatives make such a law an obvious necessity. We already mandate honesty from people trying to sell products, we should mandate it of people trying to sell leaders and laws too!

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