So is he joining the enlisted ranks or will he remain an officer?
Not really.

The military has instructed its recruiters to accept openly gay recruits but while doing so to inform them that the policy could change at any moment depending on court decisions.

Which means that any openly gay people including Dan Choi that are enlisted today could have the process reversed tomorrow if the Department of Justice obtains its stay or a reversal of the district court decision.

If I was interested in military service I certainly wouldn't enlist until this issue is settled by the courts, Congress or executive order, definitively.
they're getting enlisted in the Delayed Entrance Program, I wouldn't call that the death of DADT.

Further, Dan Choi makes me gag.
Why @3, I had no idea you two were so intimate.
We are witnessing a serious step in the right direction for the civil rights of a very scapegoated minority. It feels extra good to be an American today.
@2 is correct.
I was going to add something about how Dan will turn this in to a way to further his brand/marketing for himself...


He tweeted:

"Joining AC360 tonite on my recruitment back to the Army!"
When he is waiting at the door of the recruiting station for a few minutes, I like to picture the recruiter inside screaming into a phone "HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, Dan Choi is at the door ! What the fuck do I do? Oh god, why does it have to be me???"
You're next, DOMA!
I think it's way hotter to chain yourself to stuff on active duty.

Judge Phillips isn't going to stay her injunction, and Choi is one magnificent bastard.
Cracks in a foundation of packed sand start crumbling. And, it makes me smile. I can't wait until you are washed out to sea DADT.
Holy fuck!

Go Dan Choi!!!
What 12 said.


@2 but the military already knows Choi is gay, so there's no difference for him. For other folks, yeah, that's probably still a consideration.

DADT is toppling slowly...slowly. Should be faster but it is happening.

@7 -- you threw me for a loop over which Dan. Had a real *wait, whut* moment there :-P
I was confused about the enlist/officer thing too.

As for progress, keep it mind that it will take time for this case to be appealed, and more time for it to reach the Supreme Court. And after that time, it'll be even harder for the pro-DADT forces to explain why the sky hasn't fallen during the time in which gay servicemen have been serving openly.
OMG, now we're going to lose in Afghanistan!!!!!

How soon can he start killing people?

Republican efforts to defeat DADT are successful!

I can see none of you have ever been in the military.

Choi did not reenlist today. He went into a recruiter and started the process, which is good for him.

But it is a long, arduous, paperwork filled process to join the military. Imagine a day spent at the social security office and the DOL, combine them, then multiply times fifty, and you might have an idea of how much paperwork and bullfuckery goes into joining, even for prior service.

He hasn't even been to MEPS yet, and that's a pain in the ass step all in itself.

Not to shit on the parade or anything, just pointing it out.

stfu asshole.

dan knows all about the military.

he grew up watching gomer's pile.....
(Rolls eyes @ #7)

Yeah, he's just another media whore like Rosa Parks.
No, DADT is alive. Any one enlisting or on active-duty should not come out unless they are prepared to be discharged. The military can, and very well may, use this information against people.

@ 20, jj41243, you seem to be missing the point of civil rights direct action. The point of trying to sit at a segregated lunch counter in 1960 wasn't to have a tasty sandwich. It was to visibly confront discrimination.
@24 I'm not missing any point. I'm well aware of the significance of the event.

I'm pointing out that there's an error in the reporting that he reenlisted today. He did not. Just because the event is important, doesn't mean you can ignore the facts.

I'm very happy for Lt. Choi, and would gladly serve under him if asked. That being said, he still has to go through the same process that the rest of us did - in his case, for the second time.
Found this: Queer and Loathing: Does the Foster Care…

You know, if the kid's answer is to decide on a sex change, I think it's safe to say the answer to the article's title is FUCK YES.

(Note: there isn't enough information in the article to determine whether his response is in fact reasonable, but as presented this is appalling.)
@ 25. Fair enough.
@2, true, but for those who want to enlist but are also “activists”, driving up numbers of “openly gay servicemen and women” who were then wrongfully dismissed because of needless politicking might strengthen our case. Plus, Dan Choi is obviously already out, so he has nothing to lose at this point. Other LGBT service people who’ve lost their jobs might also consider doing this. I mean, if they all showed up in droves, and put in this time and effort to reenlist, I think it would be a powerful statement.

@16 and @17, exactly.
The change isn't going to be particularly gradual as people are implying, and right now it sounds like people in the Pentagon view the court decision as an opportunistic judge trying to get his or her name in history. The military wants DADT to go away. They almost certainly have piles of policy changes sitting on someone's desk waiting to go out the door the minute Congress changes the law, but Congress probably won't change the law before election. The widespread view, within the Pentagon, is that shortly after the election DADT will be quickly and easily repealed by Congress, and, presumably, the UCMJ sodomy laws will be changed (since without this a lot of gay sex will still be verboten).

Meanwhile, quietly and via administrative announcements, the bar for initiating discharges under DADT was raised high enough months ago that they're not happening right now. The rules were changed to require an O7 (general, admiral) to sign off on initiating the process. That is effectively the same as ending the initiation of new investigations.
PRAISE JESUS!!! Now gay and lesbian Americans can die for corporate America openly and proudly!!!
@7. Of course he wants media attention. The only reason things are changing is because Dan Choi and other soldiers have engaged in remarkably effective media whoring. As @22 pointed out, Dr. King and Rosa Parks did the same thing.
31: "The only reason things are changing is because Dan Choi and other soldiers have engaged in remarkably effective media whoring."

LOL ok. It's just them fighting for this.

That's exactly the bullshit Dan Choi would like you to think and give him credit for, and it looks like it's working.
Just like with marriage in California one activist judge also from California has decided for the whole of the US military service men and women that his sole opinion should override Congress and even that of the President of the United States. No waiting for the study, no waiting for anything just in one swoop, activist judge Virginia has decided that he is the ultimate voice regarding a law that concerns our military.

All the so called gay 'gains' are being done thru impositions by activists judges like Virginia, the people are seeing that there's no legitimacy in such things, it's just the only way people like Choi can win, and in the end seeing these impositions without any legitmacy will be good because the american people will halt these illegitimate decisions and correct them thru political our process.
Someone's going to have to explain to me what the problem is with Dan Choi. I'm late to this backlash meme.
Loveschild, please define "activist judge". It seems to be like "someone I know died of AIDS"--a meaningless, dishonest piece of tripe you trot out every time you feel your right to impose your beliefs on others is being violated.

Things are changing, Loveschild, and, even though you may think it will help you defeat the forces of tolerance and open-mindedness, lying and continuing to wallow in ignorance will not help you.
I do believe that there really are such things as "activist judges" - on both the right and the left. I also think there's probably a pretty good chance that LC's definition of that term might differ from mine.
I'm convinced that some people enjoy wallowing in ignorance and perceived injustices. It makes them feel like "saints" and "martyrs". They feel useful. And, others like to fabricate outrage as performance art, because they seek attention. The skilled ones like Glen Beck make a lot of money, and the rest "bless" the blog world with free performances of their "art".
@34: Actually, the President's opinion is that DADT should be ended as soon as possible (even if he'd rather that Congress do it). And the President is the supreme commander of the armed forces. See, I've defeated you with logic.
Ninth Circuit Stays DADT Injunction.

So does that make it a zombie? If it was dead before?


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