Actually, there's already a Tenement Museum, for real, and it looks a lot less depressing than Hollister.
Lindy, I hope you make it home safe & sound.

Isn't this the store that was shut down for bed bug infestation recently?

Good luck!
this requires a poll! a legally-binding slog poll to rename the hollister store. i'll start. i vote for Manwhore Thunderdome, because the imagery is just so gripping (choosing is hard, though. the choices you gave us are truly wonderful, lindy).
Although my ancient carcass is much too old to shop at any Hollister store, I must shamefully admit to loving the perfumey air outside, and the pictures of hairless surfer boys in the windows...go ahead and shoot me now.
@2 - If not, it may be time for someone to infest it.

Along with 1, let me say: do go to the Tenement Museum. It's fucking outstanding.

you're fat; I can easily see why you hate this store
Those names seem so diverse, though.

"Be sure to pick up 'Pappy Blacklung's Fleece-Lined Assisted Suicide Emporium,' the latest album from Brooklyn quartet Manwhore Thunderdome - out now on Shangri-Brah Records."
My 14 year old niece loves Hollister!
Hollister is a mall store for teens. It's about as confusing or threatening as Wet Seal or Forever 21. New York used to be a refuge from places like this. Now New Yorkers are no different than mall rats. What happened?
@7, and you're dumb. nyah nyah. stfu.
Ahem. Northgate, Southcenter, Bellevue Square, Alderwood Mall, South Hill Puyallup, Tacoma Mall, Capital Mall in Olympia, Bellis Fair in Bellingham, Vancouver Mall, Kitsap Mall, Columbia Center in Kitsap, Spokane Valley Mall, Lloyd Center Mall and three others in greater Portland. There's one in Boise.

Why is Idaho in Manhattan?
Never been in one. Nor have I ever been in an abercrombie store. I have no plans to enter either, ever.
Fnarf, since you apparently did not do well on the reading comprehension portion of the test, here goes: the gist is that *this particular Hollister store in NYC* is uniquely impressive in its own brand of apocalyptic horror.
@14, explain to me how a clothing store constitutes "apocalyptic horror". It's a clothing store. It has teenage girls in it.

Now, excuse me, I have to go score some heroin.
Yeah, The Hollister store is ground zero for bedbugs.
i've spent so little time in malls during the past 10 years that i JUST figured out that Hollister clothing had nothing to do with Hollister, CA.
which makes a ton of sense. duh.
As someone who has actually been to the shithole that is Hollister, CA, let me assure you that Hollister is a fitting epithet for severe suckage.
@17, that's hilarious. Please let me wear one of those in the front row at opening night of the "Canuck'n'Gus Show".
You forgot "Bedbug Express"
@20 Oh darlin', you won't be in the front row, you'll be our first guest, free T-shirt included!

And here's one for Dan, for those "Deliverance" moments...…

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