All this week, you can ask questions of the two candidates running for Washington's 8th Congressional District, southeast of Seattle, and the answers will pour in on Friday.

As you know, Suzan DelBene is the great Democratic hope this year to dislodge Republican Dave Reichert. And sure, sure—you've heard that story before. No Dem has ever won the seat. But some say this year it's possible; polls say DelBene is inching closer to beating Reichert.

Can she do that? That's one question for Delbene. "She is running ads saying she will cut her own salary if elected," asks soundslikepuget. "Can she do that?" You can ask a question, respond to a question, and call bullshit on an answer all over in Electionland.

Reichert has yet to confirm he'll answer your questions—so maybe someone ought to ask if he's going to show his face like a man or cower like little baby. Or ask if he has, uh, brain damage. He lervs that question.