This comment, from Joe Szilagyi, is worth hearing:

Hey, lets do an initiative that says as a condition of running you MUST appear in at least two broadcast debates to appear on the ballot. Who could object to that?

I don't know about an initiative, but really: When did it become acceptable for a candidate running for Congress to simply refuse—full stop—to debate his or her opponent on television close to balloting time?

We're seeing that in two high-profile, hugely important U.S. House races this year: Koster vs. Larsen in the 2nd District, in which Koster just refused to debate Larsen on television, and Reichert vs. DelBene in the 8th District, in which Reichert wouldn't agree to any televised debates at all (in addition to not offering to take questions in ElectionLand).

These two races will help determine who controls Congress in the fall. And, not to get too grandiose here, but they will also help determine the future of this country. The voters in these districts deserve televised debates between their candidates for U.S. House as they prepare to mark their ballots.