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A little later this morning, I'll be in a back yard in north Seattle—presumably a little different than the back yard at left—watching President Obama do one of these.

I'd ask for suggested questions I should ask the president, but this isn't going to be that kind of event. I'm going to be watching as regular Seattleites—regular Seattleites who have been let into this back yard, that is—ask questions of Obama.

Will they ask the hard ones? I'll let you know later today.

Meantime, a lot of people in Seattle read Slog, and I'll go out on a limb and say that a lot of people likely to be in the pool of "average Seattleites" that the White House is picking from today read Slog. And, probably more than a few of them read it on iPhones and such while they're oh, waiting to ask the president a question or two in north Seattle. Got a thing they absolutely must ask him? No guarantees, but hey, look, there's a highly readable comment thread right down there...