Neither side is within close reach of passing or rejecting an increased sales tax in King County, according to a SurveyUSA poll out this week.

Nearly one-third of likely voters are still undecided. Prop 1, if approved, would increase sales tax by 0.2 percent to pay for the county's public safety services (sheriff's deputies, prosecutors, jails, etc.) and sprinkle the rest of the dough to cities within the county to help with their public-safety budgets (Seattle would get $13 million a year to help shore up it's $67 million projected deficit).

The numbers go like this: 34 percent say yes; 37 percent say no; and 30 percent are undecided. Most demographics surveyed are roughly split in support, excepting conservatives, Republicans, and folks who have warm feelings for the Tea Party, who make the base of opposition. The only slice of the electorate that supports Prop 1 by more than half—and even then, by only 51 percent—are self-described liberals, who make up only 31 percent of likely voters.