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Wait, what? That painting is GONE?

If you were ever up in one of the meeting rooms in the library (on the all-red floor), you couldn't help but notice that that painting looked EXACTLY like the shell of the library, the stretched grid. It has to have been Koolhaas's inspiration. I don't think the association came across as clearly from street level. I always assumed Koolhaas saw it from the old rooftop patio at the old library.

Fnarf, you have impressed me. Totally impressed me. You have the deep understanding.
its been gone since late june. looking at that blank wall feels like poking a bruise.
turning assets into cash.
what was there? Time for another Martin Selig giant shit painting.
My doctor is in that building and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't thinking about switching to a different clinic now that the painting is gone. I loved that Sam Francis piece. Where did it go??? I'd like to think that it was donated to SAM, but I doubt it.
Sam Francis was the uncle of a guy I went to school with. It was perfect there. WTF.
here's the story from a few months back:…

ah, the Stranger and Charles Mudede, your headquarters and general for old news with stale observations.
@2, I went to a meeting there, and when I wandered over to the window during a break, I saw that painting, almost close enough to touch, and it suddenly flashed on me -- Rem Koolhaas didn't design this building, Sam Francis did. It was startling.

And now it's gone to goddamn North Carolina somewhere, where rubes are probably smearing pork grease on it as I type this.
10, i never anywhere reported news. i was referring to an insight made by the architect jerry garcia 6 years ago.
In my very early 20's, I seriously considered steeling the white Barcelona Chairs out of that lobby. They weren't in particularly great shape—so I'd have felt more like a liberator, and I was 95% sure I could have gotten away with it.

Of course I didn't, so this story kinda sucks.
Charles, Mrs. Fnarf captured a glimpse of that painting from that meeting room that day. She was with me. Here it is:…
hey, don't hate on North Carolina guys, the arts actually do fairly well there, and the state museum recently remodeled and looks beautiful. they're doing their best, and if this piece helps them improve even more then good for them.

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