Thanks for the rundown. I must say, your photo of his shoes may win the coveted Reverse Pulitzer.
@1: It's an honor just to be nominated.
Mr. President wears nice shoes.
I'm really conflicted... While I really want answers to some of the more WTF'd stances and strategies he's employed, I think that we'll all benefit if he makes the case that they've done a lot of good and that Democrats hopefully fair well in these elections.

I just wonder if we'll get the opportunity to ask come November.
Not. Presidents should wear wingtips.
Where will the election PARTIES SHINDIGS GET CRAZY, PARTY LIKE A YUPPIE be held this year? That's the ejaculation of all this pre-election posturing anyway.
i agree with citizen r - wingtips are the shoes of a gentleman.

i'm a little stuck on the use of the word "modest" to describe this house. it looks pretty nice to me. that's a new roof, and those architectural shingles aren't cheap. and those are new windows. also not cheap. also, that grid pattern insert costs extra. for sure it's not a palace or anything, but modest doesn't quite work for me. it's nicer than 'modest.'
Seattle loves our President, our Senator, our KC Exec, AND our Mayor.

People who tell you otherwise are just the 95 pct of grumps that post on SLOG.
Nice recap Eli, thanks. Obama has the hardest job in the world. I am still proud to call him President.
I agree, he should be wearing wingtips. Those look like Allen Edmonds Delrays too me, though it's not an uncommon blucher style, and he's probably wearing something really expensive. They are nice shoes. But the real tragedy here is the break in his trousers, which is way too long. I also detect the drape of pleated trousers, too, which is just appalling, especially on a thin man.
what #9 said.
I'm just glad Savage wasn't there...he probably would have thrown red paint on Obama's shoes and started a "hey, hey, DOJ, how many gays did you fire today?" chant.
I wouldn't be surprised if Obama's SEIU thugs weren't standing by to keep tea party patriots out.

I have never seen a president who plays hardball with his critics like him. What he is doing is truly dangerous.
Modest in Wedgwood? So a half million dollar home. No wonder everyone there was white.
Obama is the blackest thing to hit Wedwood since Vanilla Ice baby!
@10 he's low ridin. i have that same problem. most laid back dudes do too i think. how bout that last sentence.
@13: what the FUCK are you even talking about? were you must born on jan 21, 2009? have you ever read a newspaper?

Did anyone else go "awwww..." at the last line here?
give me a fucking break, "we are proud of you"
How do I apply for a job with Secret Service, division of confiscated goodies?
@19 i thought it was CUTE.
Obama likes a cuff and just a slight break. Keepin' it classy.
@20 they're on the 15th floor of the building east of the Federal Building. The applications are at the Federal Building.
@12 Agreed.
@10, your eye is keen. That break is trouble, and if you're right about the pleats it's a national tragedy. A tall skinny man in pleated pants is like a short fat man in a double breasted.
I know where the house it at (I live about 7 blocks from there) and the house is really quite nice. I'd say upper middle class to be sure. But then most of that area is really nice and makes for nice photo opportunities.
Please don't dignify Joni Balter, even through off-hand snide comments.
That's kind of lame that there was a "long silence" when Obama was asked for questions. Jesus Fucking Christ this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to tell something to the US President... come prepared!!!
@26 it's the house of the brother of one of my non-political friends, actually. But @27 is correct.

I'm proud he's my president too, even if he is basically a moderate Republican, there not really being any actual liberal Democrats, just super right wing Republicans and right wing Democrats.

go choke on a pretzel @19, I'm not even a citizen, and I was proud when he drove by this morning.
@28 - I know! Right?

Are you actually taking Lord Basil seriously?
Oooh oooh! Did anyone else notice in the second photo that Gregoire and McGinn had to sit next to eachother? Do you think they played nice?
@33: i guess i was. i'm bad at irony. which tea party commenters should i take at face value?

Granted, his latest comment isn't *that* loony, but Lord Basil is a satire troll. Trust me.
@ 30 Are you freakin kidding me?

Obama is center-left sure there may be no lefties in American poltics but that doesn't mean he is a Republican. The dems have three wing.

Liberal (Sanders, Dennis)
Moderate (Obama, Biden)
What a disgusting menagerie of depraved gloomy liberal elitist condescending success-punishing leftists!
@37 wrong. President Obama is, was, and always will be center-right.

In Canada he's to the right of the conservative PM, in the UK he's to the right of the conservative PM, and in France he's to the right of the conservative President Sarkozy.

But even in the US system he's to the right of our center. Pay attention to what he does, not what you think he says.

this is where raindrop longs to be.... basically a Koch brothers gathering.

It's a big cloud of acid rain that follows the Koch (pronounced cock) bothers around.
@41: nice.

ot, butt it's like a convergence of McAttitude here. lets do a keg toss.
Maybe people here are too polite to ask an uncomfortable question like why are you guys appealing the DADT ruling. And maybe that's the problem.
"the administration is required to comply with the law and defend it in court, regardless of Mr. Obama’s personal views."

- from 10/20/10 NYTimes article by Walter Dellinger, worth reading imo.…
Wingtips are so ornate. And pointless on a black shoe imo.

@10 definitely agree on the trousers.
@37: I wouldn't have tried to spell Kooch-nich either.
@16 I bet he still rocks his khakis with a cuff and crease too.
To hell with wingtips, the guy's a genius if too-nice this first round. I want him to take the gloves off; a n d , he has my vote.
THANKS for the great tun-down, and PS, I dug the neighbor-chairs; real life's cooperation = great.


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