Just once, you should let someone from Slog (like gloomy gus, or Fnarf, because they both get the ills of over-long trousers) dress you for a photo, could, like, auction it off for those Slog fundraiser thingies you do...and NO old white sneakers, Fnarf will put you in wingtips.
Who would dare to tell the inventor of the t-shirt what to wear?
Your bf has style - I've seen him struttin' around the Hill, and he looks good. Try some pervy role reversal and listen to him about your clothes, for chrissake. It's really not that difficult.
It's so weird that somebody didn't take her picture in an airport without her knowledge or consent and then post it to SLOG for everyone to see and mock.
Fashion is for people who need to be told what to like.
Fashion is for people with a visual disability that renders them unable to tell if they look good or not. Except that those people are never into fashion. Hell, I don't even know who fashion is for. Look in a mirror. Do you look good or bad? If it's good, go ahead and go outside. If it's bad, re-dress yourself and try again.
Sure I want to look good, but I don't want to bankrupt myself or go into debt to do it. My most extravagant purchase (at the urging of my "hag") was a $600 leather sport coat, marked down to $400, for a big company gala at the Brown Palace here in Denver. Otherwise, if I can't buy it at Costco, Marshalls or TJ Maxx, it's not in my closet.
There are few things more tedious and annoying than people who talk about how they'd NEVER spend THAT much on such-and-such. Because it's never polite to point out that, eg, the free haircut they give themselves, or their bargain basement clothes, or whatever, are terribly unflattering. So people just sort of nod along and remain silent and the braggart-cheapskate goes through life thinking he or she looks fantastic and is pulling a fast one on all those morons with their designer jeans.

Whatever. I love Joe's Jeans; I would love to love cheaper jeans more, but I try on 20+ pairs on a shopping excursion for new jeans and I'd rather spend $150 on a pair I love than $20 on a pair that's meh. If you've shaped closer to most pattern models, you probably have better luck with cheaper stuff. People have different needs. I can get away with a $20 bra easily, super-busty ladies have to spend $100 to get the same fit. It's not some sort of moral thing.
Cotton BLEND jeans are just wrong! If you're gonna wear jeans, wear cotton denim, fertheluvvamike. Otherwise, call them trousers or slacks or something.
Proving forever that one can look fashionable on a dime, here's superblogger Marisa Lynch
@11, Right, except she's substituting doing her own extensive tailoring on everything for paying more money to have it done for her. Which is fine, but doesn't change the fact that better tailored clothes often look nicer on people.

(she's also pretty tiny looking and has a conventionally attractive leggy figure which makes choices like "long shirt, tights, and boots" and "cut away tons of excess from thrift store items" a wardrobe option.)
@13 - pretty much sums it up, and I second @9s disdain for the cheapskate braggart. There's nothing morally superior about not caring about clothes. I'll buy 3 pairs of quality jeans that actually fit (I'm tall and thin, so there isn't so many bargain options, plus, I found my brand. Does that sound weird?) and be good for a year, and it checks in lower than some people's monthly car payment—doesn't mean I think people are crazy for wanting a nice car.
also? 11? not that cute. looks pretty dumb to me.
@11. Those all look terrible. They don't fit. Her photography is awful. Of all the excellent fashion blogs online that focus around funky, cheap, thrift finds, couldn't you have picked one that wasn't proving @9's point exactly! Kudos @9. I agree completely.

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