I've bugged Dry Fly and other local distilleries for their take on dueling liquor initiatives I-1100 and I-1105 and how privatizing liquor sales would impact their business. For months, they didn't respond. Meanwhile, local breweries and wineries have taken a hard stance: The Family Wineries of Washington State supports I-1100; the Washington Wine Institute opposes I-1100 but is neutral on I-1105; the Washington Brewers Guild opposes both.

After four months of silence, Dry Fly is finally taking off the gloves:

Dry Fly does not support either initiative and will vote no on both I-1100 and I-1105.

These initiatives are anti small business. Both are poorly written initiatives designed and financially supported to benefit special for-profit only interests. These major retailers and distributors stand to be the only beneficiaries via increased profits. The political rhetoric and misinformation disappoints us. Spirits and the spirit industry should not be the target.

In our opinion, the arguments for greater choice and lower pricing are not worth the potential costs of these initiatives passing. Additionally, we are concerned about enforcement issues, loss of state revenue, and the potential effect on smaller wine and beer producers, who like us, struggle daily to survive. Big box retailers and huge distribution companies are more likely to be not interested in the opportunities represented by us, the small craft producers.

We currently do direct business in over 30 states, State-controlled as well as privately distributed. We work well with both systems, and can honestly say neither has huge advantages over the other. Regardless of the outcome of these initiatives, Dry Fly will survive and prosper. It is simply our belief that these proposed changes are not the correct answer to any questions regarding liquor here in Washington.