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More false indignation from FUX News. Why would he say what he said if he were a reponsible journalist? Does he really believe all muslims are out to kill all Americans or is this more right wing hate mongering? I say hate mongering.
If he said he felt uncomfortable traveling with Catholics, or Jews, nobody would be feigning outrage over his dismissal. He's an on-air journalist and he's answerable for the public statements he makes whether or not his remarks are being broadcast on NPR.

NPR is completely within their rights here.
Yeah, I've got that one. It's a keeper.
are you unaware of what he actually said or are you intentionally distorting it?
NPR is hiring new people with the money of George Sorors. Soros admits he's doing it to combat the right. So we have radio that is publicly funded by taxpayers, being given money by a billionaire to establish an agenda, as if NPR wasn't already leftist garbage. This sounds just like Communism, oh yeah, Soros and the modern left love Mao, Stalin, and Lenin, they think Communism is wonderful.
George Soros made literally a fuck-ton of money by playing the capitalist game. You think he's a communist?
@5: are you fucking delusional? Why yes you are.

Soros is a Hungarian refugee who strongly supported pro-democracy, anti-communist movements in his native Hungary and throughout eastern Europe. As various Soviet bloc countries fell, Soros created Open Society Institutes throughout eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Soros has quite probably spent more of his own money promoting democracy and freedom than all other entities combined. Vladimir Putin hates him way worse than the tea baggers do.
anyone care to tell me wtf is going on?
U were in Bloomington the other day asshole and u didn't tell me?
Buzzing, buzzing, that's all I hear
@7 Don't be silly. He doesn't agree with the tea party, therefore he must be a gay commie jewish islamofascist, just like the president.
Can someone explain why we have government-supported radio and TV stations in this country? The amount of taxpayer money that goes to them is tiny, but still. Why? In fact, if I were the CEO of NPR, I'd quit suckling at the taxpayer's teat just to get rightwingers off my ideological back.
@8: The man in the closeup is Juan Williams and he was just fired from NPR. Now go use the google.

you re wise.

Juan said nothing negative about muslims, only shared his fears.
He never claimed they were rational or justified, just his fears...

NPR was stupid as well as unfair.
This will come back to bite a gaping chunk out of their ass after the midterms....
this is also a shrewd move by Fox.

you couldn't have written a better narrative to illustrate Real America's concern and disgust about PC tyranny and public radio.
Juan is a nice guy and a very sympathetic victim.
Fox swoops in and saves the day with a nice happy ending.

(Williams related how, when he was a new and uber junior White House reporter (for WaPo(?)...) during Regean's term, Roger Ailes was the only guy who would return his calls. Ailes is the guy who hired him at Fox. Juan choked up a little when he told it.
So did Real America.....
that's a pretty white crowd on the poster.

so much for "diversity"

Juan probably makes more now than the whole pasty putrid pack of them combined....
"Can someone explain why we have government-supported radio and TV stations in this country?"

@12 --- Some people NEVER get it! Obviously, it is cheaper that way for the banksters to use their bankster-owned gov't to get their propaganda out.

Now, in case you've never noticed, there's a s**tload of foundations (that would be tax-free holding companies to the historically ignorant -- John D. Rockefeller having hired one Thomas Dale to concoct that financial construct to further aid in hiding his true wealth and corporate ownership) supporting many of those NPR programs: The Billygoat & Melinda Gates Foundation (which promotes the privatization of all education, and Monsanto and Monsanto's Terminator Seed and other GMOs, and the continued spread of securitized debt around the planet to profit them), the Starr Foundation (A.I.G.'s foundation, pays out a trust fund to a guy named Kenneth Starr, remember him?), the John D. MacArthur Foundation (he was the biggest insurance crook in American history prior to AIG, which dwarfs even him), and others.

Now, Juan Williams (who started out as the Black Conservative on the Washington Post's staff, and somehow morphed into a "democrat"), Eleanor Cliff and Cokie Roberts are NOT, I repeat ARE NOT, democrats or liberals -- never have been, never will be. So please let us drop the crapola on that stuff!

If you've ever bothered to keep tab on those people, and guests, appearing on NPR, 83% of them belong to the same organization, while 87% of those appearing on the PBS News Hour also belong to that same organiztion --- that would be the Council on Foreign Relations.

Don't believe me? Simple, keep a list of those appearing for several months then compare against CFR's membership list.

And familiarize yourself with the Trilateral Commission's list while you're at it (I strongly doubt you'll follow through, people who make comments such as yourself can never be bothered with the facts).

Now to any and all who have said anything positive about George Soros (also a member of the CFR) please learn something about global finance and the lives he, and all the other malevolent global speculators, have destroyed.

While I normally never read Time, Newsweek, nor The Economist (if you can't verify any of the numbers they publish, it ain't news or fact), I happened to see an Ellen Gibbs' editorial on the packpage of Newsweek, proclaiming that all those rich guys, through their foundations (that would be tax-free holding companies) have fed, clothed and aided millions upon millions of people.

With well over 50,000 foundations in America, if that were true those 70% or greater American-based multinationals and corporations would begin paying federal taxes --- which they haven't and they won't. (Read GAO reports pertaining to this.)

@16: I guess you don't realize that to a skeptical, critical mind, the instant the phrase "Real America" is used non-ironically, the rest of your "argument" might as well be written in Martian. In this postmodern world, what you say is just as important as how you say it.

To spell it out for you: The parts of America that you detest and the parts that you idolize are equally real. Tim McVeigh and Richard Reid are just as real as, say, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you can begin to have a relationship with reality.
Juan Williams has been making a habit of going on Fox and talking about stuff like this for quite a while now. NPR likely just had enough.

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