I wonder what happens when you mix oil and Puget Sound water?
This is the buying off of the majority! It only takes 17 to block legislation and this is what is being attempted.
Washington State: it was nice while it lasted.
Nice Matt! Keep up the solid reporting! Next time, can we please have an image/table so readers (who don't read long posts about politics) can see the lackeys and donors and dollars more easily?
I don't quite understand the "Big Money" argument...short of them Boss Tweeding hundreds of bills direct to the voters (to show up early and often) unless you believe that the quantity of advertising bought determines the outcome of a political race, all seems like a waste.

However, if in fact, the candidate who spends the most money on media placement wins...well, then, we're all S.O.L. anyway so who cares.
Corporate America has entered the 34th District House race as well where Fitzgibbon is running against Heavey. Enterprise Washington, which includes big banks, tobacco, mining and insurance, is now backing Heavey.

Joe Fitzgibbon is backed by the environmental community, teachers, nurses and is seen as the leader in the race.

So, the big corporations are coming in at the last minute to try to get swing the race.

The progressives need to get to work!
Corporations may note have the ability to buy votes and elections, but they can sure as hell buy politicians.

I mean, gee... why bother carrying your load in a free market when you can just run to government to get that extra little push?
**not** FML, but aside from that, it's good to see there is one area where both the left and the libertarian can agree:…

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