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They be some qwazy bithces!
Um, that would be bitches but either way.
Oh man, I watched that "mice with human brains" segment. O'Donnell is ten kinds of crazy; the best part was that it clearly demonstrated that the crazy wasn't just a phase, it's still there, in spades.

Sweet track; maybe it will help muster enthusiasm AGAINST the Reps, if not FOR the Dems, this coming election.
Sweet! If you click thru to the youtube link, they posted the lyrics with the clip. But honestly, just watching this without audio totally gets the point across ... *shudders*
what about all the republican men out there who are just as insane and dangerous?! christine o'connell is a nutjob but people like karl rove and dick cheney scare me more and are more of a threat to america than even sarah palin will ever be. get a grip.
@3 She doesn't hold a candle to Michele Bachman in the crazy sweepstakes. I lived in Minneapolis for 10 years and the general chatter about Bachman was that she was bi-polar or a paranoid schizophrenic. My favorite Bachman quotes are the one about how the country is running out of rich people, and how she should launch an investigation into un-American activities in the House and Senate.
i think Christine ODonenell might be a vampire. Doesn't it look like she has fangs?
I'm with @5 - this is way too sexist.
I made a point of checking the lyrics first... And they all specifically discuss what these women have done. There's nothing that descends into the whole "what they need is a good fuck" mentality that so many critiques of women (period, regardless of politics) devolve into. I mean, I loathe Ann Coulter with the intensity of a thousand suns, but I have been known to get unhinged at the umptety billionth "she must have had a sex change" put down.
it only makes sense to focus on the women precisely BECAUSE in the past, there have been few women in politics, and fewer on the republican side. so in other words...not much of a good reason. given that there are PLENTY of male nutjobs on that side who we know have already done a ton of damage and are poised to do more...this video makes me feel uncomfortable.
and unfortunately these artists are starting with a handicap. they are male rappers. not known for their lack of sexism. hard to not be suspicious.
@10: So, because they're male rappers... They HAVE to be sexist? Pot, meet Kettle!

It's not that the Republican (and Democrat) parties aren't filled with idiotic men along with the women. It's that this is a whole new batch of crazy, a set of often not unattractive, under-educated, generally appealing women who are picked and voted for based on characteristics that have nothing to do with their qualifications. Sure, that's true of politicians in general. But the emergence of Sarah Palin, followed by Michelle Bachmann, followed by Christine O'Donnell is not a coincidence. Give me an evil but intelligent bastard any day over these women. And I think it also does a pretty decent job of noting exactly who it's pointed at. You don't see Condeleeza Rice up there, for example. She's certainly conservative, but she's far from stupid.

Besides which, 'Republican Woman' is a hell of a lot easier to sing than 'Republican Non-Gender-Specific Candidate.'
dude, Savage, you should have resisted the urge to post this.
11- that was the point. the rapper jab was written with a sense of irony. it wasn't pot 'n kettle.
@13: My mistake!
Um, it's a parody of a song titled 'American Woman.' It seems only befitting that this send-up would also focus on women.

Chill the fuck out. Not everything is a vicious attack against you @10, 12, 13. Way to generalize an attack against these SPECIFIC people and get butt-hurt about it.

@5 People are already WELL AWARE how dangerous and crazy Rove, Cheney, Limbaugh, Hannity, et al are. These SPECIFIC women are looked at as relatively harmless because they are a minority (in terms of political power), but their vitriolic hate speech and ignorance is infectious the the millions of mouth breathers that vote for a candidate based on how badly they'd like to fuck them. It seems only befitting that every once in a while a song will knock them and doesn't also have to knock the male-douchebaggery of the Republican Party (read: all of 'em)
The other reason for it being about women is that there's been a lot of media focus on these candidates (at least, Sarah Palin, Christine O'Donnell and Sharron "chicken-bartering" Angle) and people like Sarah Palin have been pushing the story that this is a conservative woman's year.

You don't even see Nikki Haley up there, who has been more the victim of Republican craziness than one who's been saying crazy things (altho I'm sure I'd still disagree with her on most things).

But yes, there are plenty of crazy GOP men. But sometimes you just get one idea, and "American Woman" obviously lends itself to a song about women.
@5, 8, 10 Oh come on. Since the time I was a kid till now I've heard about the evil and/or crazy old white conservative men who've been destroying the country. Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld, et al were mocked mercilessly (and rightfully so) by comedians, satirists, bloggers and the rest. Glenn Beck, John Boehner, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and other crazy ass conservative men are still the comedic bread and butter of Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert, and Jon Stewart so it's hard to take the "but what about the crazy conservative MEN" comments too seriously. If anything, crazy ass conservative women (i.e. Phyllis Schlafly) have mostly been given a pass from liberal criticism through the decades. And any woman who perpetuates sexist stereotypes by, among other things, accusing liberals and democrats of "feminizing" politics (Ann Coulter and Laura Ingram) isn't worth your time or consideration or sympathy. And remember this is the identity THEY'VE chosen; "we're republican women" "we're the momma grizzlies" etc. blah, blah, blah.

And to make things even more clear; if you're wondering why they focused on the republican women in the song is because it's a parody of the song "American Woman" so it only took a minor tweek to change it. See how that works?
Speaking of which; Colbert did a related bit last night.…
i get it how it's a play on the song. my point was (is) that as usual we're focusing our attention on the (wo)man behind the curtain who can do no harm instead of focusing on the very real threats of those already in power and wielding that power in such a way that is seriously fucking us over while we watch stupid videos about stupid women. supreme court anyone? republican legislators refusing to do their jobs and maintain a wall of NO until they get their way? yeah i probably like the parody video more than i'd like to admit - but i think it's indicative of the 5 minute attention span we have as a nation. we are constantly being distracted from the real problems/dangers. who cares about our constitutional rights being destroyed when we can watch a funny video about stupid right wing women who aren't in office nor do they have a snowball's chance in hell of getting into office!
xina, i don't disagree with you, BUT michele bachmann IS in office and predates sarah palin and the whole crazystupidconservativelady meme. she did, however, skyrocket to infamy on the tails of it.

still, i would file this song/video in the "not helping" category.
I hate to tell you but Michelle Bachman IS in congress and currently wields power, Sharon Angle has a real shot at being in congress, Carly Fiorina is posing a serious threat to Barbara Boxer and might end up in congress and Sarah Palin, in a very real way, is directing the national conversation and, as "spiritual leader" of the tea party movement, she's helping to direct the country toward fucktardary. These women are real problems and pose just as much danger as the crazy ass conservative men. That was actually one of the first lines in the song

"On the surface they seem like they're harmless
But what if they win and end they up in congress
The result would be carnage I'm just being honest"

Don't fool yourself, these women may seem like fun and that they're too fucking crazy to be elected but they have a VERY real chance of being elected.
Yeah, this'll change some minds.
@20 Woah, jinx on the first sentence.
@4 BEG Thanks for the tip, those lyrics are priceless.
The song grew on me as it went. I appreciated the "who's on first" sort of fun at the end.
Sorry, but I'm not buying the sexism charges here. I felt that they studiously avoided any kind of "dumb bitch" language while making a pretty substantive critique of these types of candidates
Yeah, not every song is general and balanced. Some are specific. These candidates deserve criticism, so there's no point in whining that someone else ALSO deserves it.

Louie "Terror Babies" Gohmert will have to wait for his own song.
To onion and those asking why he doesn't take aim at crazy Republican males, go look at the rest of his stuff. His This Week with Jasiri X series, along with his other videos, take aim at injustice where ever he sees it. His body of work is serious and full of integrity.
To onion and those asking why he doesn't take aim at crazy Republican males, go look at the rest of his stuff. His This Week with Jasiri X series, along with his other videos, take aim at injustice where ever he sees it. His body of work is serious and full of integrity.

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