Say what you will, the left wing has WAY better signs than the right wing.
Anybody have good knot-tying advice? I want to hang a cute placard/sign from my genitalia, but I'm worried about it falling off or hurting my wang. Ideas?
@3 You'll have to supply the circumference for any relevant advice.
Why would circumfererences be needed? A knot simply fastens a rope/string to itself, regardless of the size or shape of the object is it being tied around.

And superglue sucks.
@6- You obviously know nothing about tying things to your dick.

@6 Because I think better when I can visualize...but since you're being difficult, I'll do what I can...I'm thinking you'll want to go with a quick-release knot, and nylon rather than hemp rope. But, if I may be so bold as to make a suggestion, you might want to consider tying the sign around your waist, and have it, um, secured by said "wang," perhaps poking through a hole that would have a corresponding visual on the other side...(what can I say, I'm an *artiste*...)
Much larger than the Tax Day Tea Party Rally (tm), by far.
This rally obviously doesn't represent the views of "Real Americans (tm)"; all the spelling is perfect...
@3 Staples will hold it better!
Sign suggestion for wang man. "Try not to be a... O". Cut out the "O", display wang.
I've been here 9 years and I have seen more people (on the National Mall) only at Obama's inauguration. Compared to this, the Glenn Beck rally was a joke. People were really nice, too.
What a great rally and who cares if we got a little wet?

The right is all wet, anyway.

A group of people carrying around signs that have captions to New Yorker cartoons on them.

This is what you saw.
@15: You jelly?
Strong work, my Canadian friend!
If you don't care about these things:
salmonella is in the eggs your family eats
neighbors lose their homes to foreclosure
being paid a decent wage, and receiving help if unemployed
E. coli is in your meat and veggies
mercury is in the milk your baby sucks from her mother's breasts
those "aspirin" you buy are actually rat poison
your child has a teacher who is a previously-convicted sexual predator
disadvantaged kids don't get a hot lunch at school
elections are auctions...
Or if you think all government regulations are stupid, and that taxes are "a waste of MY money," then vote for one of those GOP/TP "Charlie McCarthy" people.
Otherwise, vote for a Democrat!
The choice is simple, and "a waste of taxpayer dollars" never enters into it.
The operative word isn't "waste," it's "investment."
The exit is over there, right wingers. Your presence is no longer required at this meeting.
"Here's your hat... what's your hurry?"
This is so unbelievably stupid. It is making NO point whatsoever and these signs are not going to affect anybody anywhere. All they will do is make Glenn Beck go on a rant about this rally and then "tolerant" liberals will discuss how much they hate him and want to bring death upon the Tea Party.
@20 It doesn't matter what the left does because Glenn Beck will rant about it anyway. We could do nothing, and he'd call us Nazis because he's a lying sack of shit.

So why not energize ourselves, affirm ourselves, and work toward our goals, and forget about being terrified of what right wing propagandists are going to say, because they'll say it no matter what we do.
Glenn Beck really needs to be honest to himself and come out of the closet.

Spicy McHaggis, is that on the McDonald's menus in Scotland?

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