This quote in the headline comes from the mouth of Bill Gates Sr on 60 Minutes last night—enthusiastically encouraged viewing below—about why the richest people in Washington are trying to defeat Initiative 1098, the measure to require an income tax on people who make over $200,000 a year.

Also making the case for an income tax: There's David Stockman, Ronald Reagan's budget director, who says Republicans have "gone too far with their anti-tax religion" and then explains the wealthiest five percent of families in the U.S. have increased their wealth since the 1980s from $8 trillion to a collective net worth of $40 trillion. Gov. Chris Gregoire also gets her claws into the fat cats.

It's a blistering piece—mostly about our state but also about unsustainable national anti-tax demagoguery—so I recommend watching the entire segment (there's a commercial in the middle but it's worth wading through):

Who are the greediest people in Washington state—those people that nice old Mr. Gates says are acting out of greed? Here's more on the Steve Ballmer, Paul Allen, and Jeff Bezos.