You should've asked her why RealPlayer is literally the shitiest media player to ever have existed on the face of the earth. Any how could such a former executive face the world every morning knowing that she had been instrumental in proliferating the pile of shit.
She looks like she wants the precious back in that picture.
Face it fuck wads. Murray got VERY FUCKING LUCKY. Cantwell is a moronic douche for suggesting voters gave Murray and the citizens a positive vote. And for you morons to suggest that Washington therefore loves its Democrats... well... Stupid is as stupid does. Winning by less than 2% is not a mandate. It was a flip of a coin of pure luck.

Enjoy her for a few more years. If Obummer and the country don't turn around, she'll be out on her ass in 2016. That much is certain looking at tonite's vote.
More specifically, King County loves its democrats, but the rest of WA is a different country altogether.
didn't vote for murray in primary, didn't vote at all in main election because both options sucked

won't vote for this cantwell person

fuck the entire senate
Best senator in the nation hands down. Smart, that one
As someone who has only really started to be excited about Cantwell in the past couple years, way up from "better than the alternative", I can't help but read this post and comments as somewhat sarcastic.

Especially #1, reminding us that the latest RealPlayer was just released.
Awesome. She is!!!! Anyone who votes for a war the has turned into the nations biggest debocle in our nations history with a grand total{ } one fucking Trillion dollars is pretty fucking awesome. She hasn't sent a single condolence card to the parents of our states dead men serving. She hasn't been to Walter Reed Hospital to look at the wounded.
I need alittle fucking help here trying to understand awesome!!!!

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