Mark Morford's analysis of the dumb young fucks.…
So much for the theory that polls are wrong because they don't call people with cell phones.
Old people get their fears pandered to, they vote.

Young people get their fears pandered to, they (we? ahem) get busy with the internet and the Four Loko.

I suppose if we could vote online this would have gone very differently.
Aren't there just more folks over 65 now than there were two years ago?
From the time I was eighteen I have voted in every election. How is it we wait until right up to the election that we start stressing the importance of every vote? I also think tying the registration to jury duty weakens the young voter numbers.
The only way to get young people to reliably come out to vote is to find some way to make government look hip and cool.

So in other words, there's no way to make young people reliably vote.

Youngsters saw that in 2008 they basically voted themselves out of a job, and then, like "The Beav" said

"Gee, Mom and Dad...I didn't think that a kid could screw up a whole country...the next time, I'll let you decide!".

Almost every time I vote, I'm easily the youngest person in the room (unless my wife's there too). And I'm 37.
Has there been a time when young voters outnumbered "old" voters?
Who handed the House to the GOP? Democrats did. Young people didn't cause the "enthusiasm gap."
Urgutha and Supreme Ruler are both correctamundo.
I sure saw a lot of email exhortations to join in on "call centers" where you call up people and encourage them to go out and vote. Obviously, I can't help with those kind of drives, but I thought those would include cellphone numbers, but maybe I'm wrong.

Gotta agree -- seems like of the people I talk to, if you're over 50 you almost certainly voted, if younger, especially under 30 or so, you likely didn't.

But I think the Obama administration failed to keep the younger voters involved and engaged... It may not be possible to do so, I grant, but even I saw a big diff before & after 2008 and I'm not that target group.

On yet another hand, the really important crazies -- Angle and O'Donnell lost handily. (Bachman is a different case, I think). I think that's encouraging. And it looks like more blue dogs than actual progressives (Grayson notwithstanding) lost out, which also says something.

HOWEVER -- you JUST KNOW that the Dems will take this to mean they should move further RIGHT in the name of being "moderate" rather than *gasp* "librul" -- *arrrrrrgggggghhhh* That's what always gets to me. Guh.
This is all I have to say.

@7: In 2008? Really? I'd say more like 2004, but whatever floats your boat.
Who? Democrats who refused to get off their fat asses and vote. People have died to enable us to vote instead of speak Japanese, German and Russian and live in fear of secret police (even worse than the ones Republicans want to have spying on us).

So in the nest election, Democrats, put down your beer and chips, get up out of your recliners and VOTE!

If you don't care about these things:
salmonella poisoning the eggs your family eats
E. coli poisoning your meat and veggies
PCBs poisoning the milk Baby sucks from Mommy's breasts
those "Aspirin" you're buying are actually Rat Poison
your kid's teacher is a convicted --and unsupervised-- sexual predator
low-income kids not having a hot lunch at school
neighbors losing their homes to foreclosure
being paid a decent wage, and receiving help when unemployed
elections that are 1st Tuesday Silent Auctions
Or if you think all government regulations are stupid, and that taxes are "a waste of MY money," then vote for one of those GOP/TP "Charlie McCarthy" ventriloquist props.
Otherwise, vote for a Democrat!
The choice is simple, and "a waste of taxpayer dollars" never enters into it.
The operative word isn't "waste," it's "investment."
Self-absorption is a common human affliction. People decide to vote or not to vote to their own self-interests. Long term goals with regard to the whole nation (planet) or the interests of others just don't compute when you're the center of your own private universe. It rarely seems "like the land of the free", most of the time it is about the land of "me". And, it is sad. But, life moves forward with or without our consent, and nothing we humans do will last forever.

And, with that I'm going for a run on a beautiful autumn morning. And, to dream of a more just, compassionate, and peaceful future for us all.
@13 -- Word. Damn, the 2004 vote was just fucking scary. I couldn't *believe* the outcome. Still can't. And that was squarely in the laps of conservative old fucks, too.

I really thought that "I Remember" video clip would have helped. Maybe it came out a bit late? There really is a whole lot more this administration has accomplished than we think (aside from serious disappointments on gay rights issues & immigration reform) and certainly far more than a *shudder* McCain/Palin admin would have.

Also -- I just looked at the video clip on this post. SRSLY??? OMGWTFBBQ -- I am *so* glad that I never watched TV or asked for these toys as a child o.O. I think that simple fact has saved me years of therapy.

Where the heck do you *find* these things? No, don't answer, I don't think I want to know.
Gus, I think I've got it: Voting App. Free download from

(Hey! Slog just made me a website link!)
Perfect, Canuck! Now we just need an app for the PS3 and XBox360 consoles.
This dumb young fuck has been engaged but didn't like what he saw in the last 2 years. The Obama administration needs a message that he can't take our votes for granted.
I think I saw that commercial when I was a kid.

I think that if you add a .gov/com/net to the end it turns into a link.
maybe they just are turned off of elections because of all the whining that Dan has been doing these last years.

Dan is hardly a fierce advocate of the reality of the political process. of course, it's probably more likely that Dan is not as influential as he hopes he is and this had nothing to do with his constant carping. know hope.

Actually, jury duty is tied to the DMV, not the voter roles.

So, if you don't want to be called to jury duty, don't get a driver's license.
I'm 20 and I've voted; I registered to vote on my 18th birthday and I have been voting dilligently ever since. Unfortunately (at least according to Facebook) it seems like a minority of my college-age friends went out and voted yesterday.

One interesting thing I remembered from the 2008 elections: one of my college professors asked the class if they voted or not, and among the students that didn't vote the overwhelming reason they didn't was because they were registered to vote in their home state but were currently in a different state for college and didn't understand how to get an absentee ballot until it was too late.

How to get an absentee ballot should be something colleges should address during freshman orientation right along how to use your school e-mail account and where the library is.
I very nearly didn't vote. Why? The fucking phone calls. For the week up to elections, several phone calls a day from various candidates' camps, from the parties themselves, and from supporters of various bond questions. On election day itself, my phone literally rang at least once every half hour. It's enough to drive a person insane.

I take pride in the fact that I've voted in every election since I turned 18, voicing my opinion and doing my civic duty by taking part in the democratic process, and the constant pestering nearly drove me to say, "Fuck you, why the hell should I do what you want, when you won't fucking leave me alone?" Someone more ambivalent about their responsibility would easily have just given up, turned the phone off, and skipped the trip to their polling place.

I suspect many did.
This perhaps overstates the case (I think there's plenty of blame to go around, not just on "dumb young fucks") but it's overall good: Letter to a whiny young Democrat.

@25 so glad I don't do the voice phone thing ;)

@24 -- I wonder if a mail-in as well as absentee ballot info drive on college campuses would be helpful. I vote far more consistently in "off-season" elections with mail in votes & I can see that also being helpful to college students who are both students and working with very little schedule flexibility.

Don't blame the youth. Don't blame the stupidity of Americans. Don't blame the old people. The Obama Administration and his Democratic congress are to blame.

They failed to advance a true progressive agenda. Instead, they kept the status quo. More war. More tax payer money f to corporations. More power to insurance companies. Status quo on gay marriage.

There were some minor wins for the Democrats (college loans), but considering their near historical power (control of congress and veto proof majority in Senate) they failed.

Don't tell me you can’t expect quick change. President Bush quickly implemented the conservative agenda. In his first two years, he enacted a historical tax cut, No Child Left Behind, Clear Skies Act, withdrew Kyoto Protocol, banned stem cell research, emasculated regulatory agencies, etc. Moreover, he showed he his base he’d fight for their issues.

In the next two years, I bet we will see more conservative ideas enacted into law then we saw progressive ones in the last two years. Why? Because Republicans know how to wield power, Democrats don't.
Actually it seems pretty clear that lots of dumb fucks voted, but yeah probably old dumb fucks.
Boomers are hitting retirement. Look for cranky conservative 'I got mine, screw you' old farts dominating the electoral landscape for the next dozen years.
"[Bush] showed he his base he’d fight for their issues" and Obama certainly didn't.

Ding ding ding ding. Wow, who knew that complaining about your base and rejecting the concerns of the youngest (and thus most vulnerable to disappointment) members of your voting bloc wouldn't be a stunning success? Who knew that not giving a shit about whether anybody knew about your best and progressive achievements might lead to people thinking that you hadn't achieved them? Who knew?

Ya know, Obama might have remembered a baseball adage: he who tooteth not his own horn, same shall not be tooted. What, only two or three out of ten Americans realize that Obama has lowered their taxes? A communication failure that catastrophic can't be blamed on Fox and the MSM: blame lies heavily on the White House. I follow American politics and blogs fairly closely, and didn't find out about half the stuff he did until the Rolling Stone article defending him. Bush, at least, always made sure his base knew he was gunning for many of the things they were, even when he wasn't. Obama didn't, even when he was.

one just, compassionate, and peaceful future;

coming right up!!
I did my part. I dragged my 18 year old to the polls at 7:15 in the morning.
I am 20. I voted, dragged out all my friends, and campaigned out of our local democratic head quarters. And I live in one of the five states of the union that elected only democrats to the house.

Coincidence? I think not.
@27 You're ignoring the fact that after 8 months in office, Bush had 9/11 to use to scare everyone into following his conservative agenda.

It is the youth. I had a fight with my 23 year old sister (on facebook, no less) because she had posted that she was making the "informed, conscientious decision not to participate in a broken system." When I asked her what work she was doing to fix the broken system that would mitigate the loss of her vote, she told me that the work she did for GLSEN in high school was "more than enough." I was both surprised and not surprised at all that she believes that at 23, she's already put in her fair share of work. Needless to say, my respect for her has gone down a few notches.
Canuck @23, it doesn't work!? What am I missing?
You're all ignoring the fact that the Supreme Court gave rights of personhood to corporations. This enabled them to dump shitloads of money into this past election process and buy as many ads during prime time (and every other minute of the day) to promote the people who will promote their bottom dollar.

Yes, the ignorant and fearful voted - and they based their decisions on 30 second sound bites bought by the corporate overlords of our "democracy". The older folks are more likely to watch television news, and much less likely to get information from alternative sources - thus they also were likely to base their decisions on 30 second sound bites broadcast during their news shows.

Push your elected officials for a fix to this.

*knock knock*
"Hi, this is the Washington State Democrats. We're here to ask if you are going to vote?"
"I already did."
"Did you vote for Patty Murray for State Senate?"
"No. I didn't vote for either her or Rossi because I'm tired of both parties."
"OOOK, how about Jim McDermott?"
"Lemme think. Nope. I don't think I voted for anybody there either. I just voted for the initiatives and the supreme court."
"Well, at least you voted. Thank you."


Without a plethora of initiatives and referandums, I think its hard to get out the vote when the voter thinks they're choosing between an douche or a turd sandwich every time. Attack ads certainly increase that feeling of "everybody's shitty, so why bother?"
one more thing;

Sign up for the fight for a constitutional amendment to reverse the Citizens United decision by declaring that corporations do not have the legal rights of humans. This may take years, if not decades, but we should start now. Please join Free Speech for People:

I am not affiliated with the organization of this organization.
Oh, and holding important votes, such as the vote on Bush's tax cuts and DADT type repeal bills, after the blood bath election everybody knew was coming was retarded, and provided a lot of the jaded feelings the youth have towards the government.

That has evoked both a "Oh, you're threatening us by holding these votes hostage" and a "Oh, you're not actually going to do this shit after the election, you're just waiting to get re-elected before you show your true colors" feeling in various people.
Very good point; but I was also heartened by the fact that even tho shitloads of money were dumped into these elections, the "gains" the R's made were surprisingly minimal.

Especially here in CA, where shitloads of money were dumped into Whitman, Fiorina, and prop 23 -- all of which tanked.

Nevertheless -- I agree -- we need to get this off the books and out of the political discourse. Keep bringing attention to it -- most folks I know, liberal or conservative, really don't like the notion of buying elections.
It was actually you Dan, you moderate run of the mill neoliberal.
As one of those young dumb fucks who did actually vote let me point out a two things I think went wrong:
Literally nobody I've heard from that registered via the DMV got their registration set up correctly, even when done months in advance.
I was one of those Obama supporters that helped "get out the vote" in '08. The most contact I got from anybody this year was annoying spam texts that most of us don't even bother to read.

Young people tend to move around a lot and often consider checking the "please change my registration" box when changing your address is good enough. Apparently it wasn't. Also love the idea that we should explain absentee voting to freshman at orientation, I'll definitely be pitching that to my school.
I'm 22 and have voted in all three elections I could with pride that said I understand the apathy from the young voters. The people we elected in 06 and 08 (dems) are now begging to keep their offices not what they got voted in too but to basically blame the entire thing on pelosi, reid , and obama. In most cases its you vote for the democrat that is saying hey! This is my fault just the scary SOCIALISTS in control or the republican that's saying hey its the fault of the scary SOCIALIST in control
Would one of you please translate @44 into English for me?

I am 22 years-old and am proud to say that I have voted in the three elections that I have been eligible to vote in. I understand the apathy of young voters. Those democrats elected in '06 and '08 have not lived up to their campaign promises. Instead they blame there lack of success on Pelosi, Reid, and Obama, while begging for us to re-elect them. Voting democrat is like saying, "Hey, it is my fault that scary SOCIALISTS are in control. Voting republican is like saying, "Hey, it is the scary SOCIALISTS fault".

I hope that helps. I'm guessing that @ 44 is adding English as a possible second, third, or fourth language. My hat is off to them, as learning languages does not come easily to me.
@22 Thanks. But I think it's voter registration in most other states.
Thanks, Kimmie. I hope you're right about that.
Man, I remember all of those early nineties adds for the dolls that were more "realistic" because they defecated and urinated.

I guess I'm not really sure what the issue is, despite being in the youth voting bloc. We had massive turnout here on campus; the on-site voter registration here in WI might help. Of course, being in college, we're in the better-educated segment of the population, and I don't have extensive exposure to other social spaces.

I suppose there might be a significant portion of my demographic with attitudes like Pazzie's (#19), whereby people either don't realize that a) The Obama administration wasn't up for election this round, and b) primaries are about getting better candidates for the general election, which is about picking the lesser of two evils, since it's a rare day that any candidate matches all of someone's views (unless those views have been strategically electioneered to match the candidate platform a la hardcore FOX News zombies).

Also, I encountered a lot of attitudes like those of Delishuss's sister in 2004: you have to make them realize that they're playing with people's lives and livelihoods. It's not fair to fuck things up for other people so you can make a principled stand that really won't be noticed.
Dan. How can you complain about poor voting from the youth when you have spent weeks discrediting the administration?
Maybe the gay youth sees no option after listening to you so they sit out this election. Because according to Dan Savage!! Democrats aren't worth our time.

I’m 24 and voted.
@45: I've whittled it down to this bit of pidgin moonspeak.
"Has anyone really ever been as far as decided to use even go want to do look more like?"
We've got to convince these folks that there is no way to opt out of the system. There is no purity, no clean hands. The system carries on and affects you whether you vote or not. Every progressive that doesn't vote is essentially giving a half vote to the Republicans. Like it or not, you are making it easier for them to win.

Karl Rove knows this. And he and his friends in the Republican Party consistently adopt thuggish, hateful tactics that turn people off to the political process so that they can drive down turnout, which hurts Dems much more than it hurts Republicans.

The 2012 campaign starts today, and there's no better place to start than with those Dems/Liberals who failed to vote yesterday.
Yeah, VL, that's about what I got out of it too.
what @50 said!
That commercial is horrifying. I can only imagine that the kids who watched it were left traumatized for life.
I'm an old fuck and I voted Democrat. Incidentally, if you don't want to be an old fuck someday, die today. Problem solved.
Amen, 27.
@57, indeed. There's no excuse for young or old not to vote, and there's no excuse for blaming old people. If we hadn't voted for the Dems when young people WEREN'T voting, Murray and Larsen and a bunch of other Dems wouldn't have won. Most of us have been voting all our lives; you should have such a record.

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