Sadly, Dumbo was expecting another type of oral.
Welcome to the thunderdome
"What a misunderstanding!"
Poor elephant baby! How can you think that would be funny?? I'm all for twisted jokes, but baby elephants??
Another boy bullied.
Got your nose!
"Got your nose!" (May only be suitable for parents of small children.)
Mother Nature is a bitch!
It doesn't get better.


the troll agrees with cansuck...
Looks like, of you're an elephant, there are worse things than levamisole in your cocaine.
"Then the Elephant's Child sat back on his little haunches, and pulled, and pulled, and pulled, and his nose began to stretch. And the Crocodile floundered into the water, making it all creamy with great sweeps of his tail, and he pulled, and pulled, and pulled.

And the Elephant's Child's nose kept on stretching; and the Elephant's Child spread all his little four legs and pulled, and pulled, and pulled, and his nose kept on stretching; and the Crocodile threshed his tail like an oar, and he pulled, and pulled, and pulled, and at each pull the Elephant's Child's nose grew longer and longer--and it hurt him hijjus!

Then the Elephant's Child felt his legs slipping, and he said through his nose, which was now nearly five feet long, 'This is too butch for be!'"…
...and that is how the elephant got its trunk, next the banks of the great gray green greasy Limpopo river.
Fuck you Humphrey you unfunny sack of shit.

Post election, a Republican meets with it's corporate master.
Well! That'll teach her not to go poking her nose where is doesn't belong!
@14 I don't get your caption. It must be too cerebral for me.

GOP House Majority Leader John Boehner has his first meeting with a newly elected Tea-Party member.
"Barbra Streisand injured in crocodile attack"
HI, I know the overcast skies can be a bummer, but has your life become so abstract and dull that you are able laugh at the suffering of a tiny little elephant? Today is a sunny day, please go outside and get some air.
@20 It's not a suffering little elephant. It's a series of 1's and 0's.
Taking "pull my finger" to the next level.
"Vegetarians are delicious."
Just need to point out that this young elephant is in very poor condition, close to starvation, probably orphaned, and not long for this world in any case. The likely reasons why are, I'm sure, well known to everybody here.
Not funny. Sad and unsettling pic. Steven's a douche.

Clearly, you know absolutely nothing about comedy.
Thanks for ruining my day.
"Wm.™ Steven Humphrey is an Asshole!"

PS- I last thought you were funny in 1996.
Uhhh... don't worry too much, I saw this photo last week and apparently the baby elephant got away (eventually) and returned to his herd.

I'm going to have to stop reading you too Wm. St. Hump. if you post stuff like this. I've been crying for days over the poor dead baby kittens.
I'm a strict vegetarian because of my feelings on animal rights. But this is nature - animals attacking each other, in the wild. If it ruins your day to know about it, you must live with some pretty effective blinders on.
Aren't you a new Dad? Would this be funny to you if it was your kid? Didn't think so.
@4 I'm with ya completely, Canuck.

@21 Something has surely killed your empathetic mirror neurons.
Dee, I do understand all about the circle of life and the laws of nature and all that that entails. And I'm a meat eater. I know it happens, I just don't want to see or watch it happen.

I just have a really hard time with certain stuff involving kids and animals.
Jesus Fucking Christ!

First the OH SO CUTE epileptic kittens and now this!! What the fuck is wrong with you guys? I know everybody's a little on edge after the election, but I CANNOT for the life of me get into the head of anyone who finds amusement in images like this.

What's next for chuckles around here, setting puppies on fire and going HAR HAR HAR as they frantically try to put themselves out?

Christ, what an asshole.
Fuck you guys. Seriously, a caption? Fuck you.

I have seen animals die naturally. That's not the fucking issue. The issue is thinking it's funny.
Hey everybody that looks at this photo says, "oh no the poor elephant!" Why don't you look at it and say, "oh good! the crocodile is getting some food and he will live on."

It's nature, it's brutal. Animals eat one another. That is not sad, it's life.
@33 "I was pregnant with my elephant"
@ 40 - Please see @ 39.

Stamp it with a big red "PWNED!", and it's a wrap.
Baby Elephant was rescued, mostly by the females of his herd:…
"Grab on! I'll save you from drowning!"
@39 - The elephant didn't die and is ok. I read the story yesterday. Otherwise yeah it wouldn't strike me as funny either. But it is a funny photo and not a funny situation. But knowing he is safe and did not die makes it a little better...
Thank you for the update Chefgirl.

It's simple. Lizards are ugly. Baby elephants are cute. Team Elephant!
What the hell is wrong with you people? While we're at it, let's laugh at the baby who got mauled by raccoons. I mean, it'll probably live, so it's funny, right?
"Woah, woah, woah down there! Less teeth, more lips, man!"
Caption: OK, forget the deep throat. Let's do it doggy instead.
@4 FTW
This is a picture of suffering. No matter what happens after the shot, there is suffering here. I can't think of anything less funny.
Total frat-boy humor. Look, something is getting fucked up, yay! Not to my taste.
Oh, and let's hear it for ass-kicking croc-stomping elephant matriarchs!
Speaking of animals being animals,… is a pretty amazing shot of a bullfrog eating a mouse. Thought it was shopped - that bullfrog has REALLY creepy eyes.
If suffering, debasement and humiliation aren't funny to you, then you must never laugh at all, because that's the essence of comedy, from the Greeks smacking each other around with giant phalluses (phallusi?), to Malvolio's cross-gartered stockings, to Chaplin slipping on a banana peel, to Groucho verbally abusing Marget Dumont, to Lucy and Ethel's inability to keep up with the conveyor belt, to Cleavon Little threatening to shoot himself by shouting "Nobody move or the n****r gets it!", to Jason Biggs getting caught with his dick in a hot apple pie - quite literally every comedic act or moment from the entire history of literature, drama, film and television involves some measure of our being amused by someone else's embarrassment, humiliation, ineptitude, pain or suffering.
@57: So what I'm hearing is that you think Jason Biggs' character caught with his dick enjoying an apple pie is worth the same number of laughs as a baby elephant possibly getting eaten alive, nose first, by a croc. I guess if I ever see anyone run over by a car I'll be too busy laughing to call 911, but at least I'll have enjoyed a good belly laugh.
God dammit, that pic just ruined my mood.
No, @58:

I'd say it's worth roughly the same number of laughs as George C. Scott in "Dr. Strangelove" attempting to convince Peter Sellers that 20,000,000 civilians killed in a retaliatory-strike nuclear exchange scenario is a preferable outcome to 150,000,000 killed.
@60: So, none, then. Glad that's settled!
Taking pleasure at pain inflicted upon an animal. How is this not on the same level as a crush video?
@57: Sure, schadenfreude is arguably the basis of some humor. But do you mean suffering, debasement and humiliation of adults? Of juveniles? Of small children?

Personally, I would tend to lump animals in with small children when it comes to deriving mirth from their other words, I don't.

The object of the humor doesn't necessarily have to feel they're suffering or being humiliated. In fact, comedy tends to work best when they are completely unaware of how they are perceived. For example: does a baby feel any sense of embarrassment when it pukes up strained carrots all over mom's brand new silk blouse? Probably not. But that doesn't stop people from laughing, because they can't help but feel that, were the baby in their shoes, it WOULD no doubt feel embarrassed. Projection plays an important role in humor as well; the "there but for the grace of (insert preferred diety here) go I" paradigm.

In short, we laugh at the misfortune of others simply because it's NOT happening to us.

And @60: I find that entire film uproariously funny, as do many others apparently, so no, I don't the argument is settled in quite the way I think you think it is.
If that elephant wants his nose back, he's going to have to stomp that crocodile half to death. Crocodiles don't let go willingly, and it's just not possible to prise its jaws open, the muscles are too strong. So get stomping!
Hey Steven I know something I would consider as VERY funny.. Why don't you take a pee it that water and let the crocodile have little taste? If you are lucky the crocodile may think it is so funny that also he begin laughing...

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