I can't wait until news shows stop having anchors awkwardly use touchscreens for no reason.
I'm sure this has been said before, but if Shirvell isn't gayer than Mayor McGay of Gaytown, I'll eat my hat.
Shirvell sounds like a good Christian to me. He's just doing evil unto others that he'd have done unto others and not himself.
Crazy bigots are embarrassing. Cox came off like a reasonable fellow here, so he surely just got sick of defending this psycho.
Anderson Cooper you get out of that closet this very minute, while we're all still young!
Hope this isn't too soon, but as an unemployed attorney, all I can say is: "Hey MI Atty Gen'l's office--I'm available. Call me. I'm not a bigoted sociopathic asshole like the last guy you hired."
I'm getting so sick of the patronizing defense: "Well as you know, here in America, we have..."

I'm happy every time one of these jack offs gets knocked off their pedestal simply to shut them up.
I'm sort of amused by the end of the video. "Gee I can't imagine why he's so interested in this young man" "It seems he's fixated" "He spent hours on end looking at his facebook" "It's inexplicable".

The 200lb pink gorilla that neither Anderson nor Armstrong's lawyer was willing to touch: Flaming anti-gay bigot obsessed with handsome young gay man = closet case!

I guess I understand them not wanting to simply speculate (especially the lawyer) but c'mon. You could tell Anderson was thinking it.
Yeah...this guy actually should be disbarred. Civil libel; lying to your employers; borderline criminal stalking; any one of those things in isolation would rise to the level of the kind of conduct that can subject you to disciplinary action by the state bar. In combination? Shirvell doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell.
Why is it, that each time a hateful situation arises, the conservatives come in with the "free speech" pass-card, acting as though it is their God-given right to be as hateful as they wish?

For once, I'd love to see conservatives use the "free speech" pass-card for something of a positive nature. You know - like saying "it's my right to say something good about this situation."
I'm certainly not trying to defend him, but does anyone else get the sense that Shirvell is straight up crazy? Not like Sarah Palin crazy, but dropped on his head as a baby crazy. I just don't ever think I've seen anyone so completely unaware of anything outside of his own head.
It's been clear from day one that Anderson knew exactly what Shirvell's issue was -- an emotionally stunted, terrified, closeted gay man unknowingly in love with an attractive, high-profile college student.
There were a few questions I wanted AC to ask:
1. When is it ok to for christians to stalk and harass gay people?
2. Should openly gay people expect harassment from Christians as a consequence for being out of the closet?
3. How many Christians embrace discrimination against gay people as part of their Christian duty to god?
Here's hoping Shirvell is not arrested for making women suits out of real women, because that would imply that he had first made women suits out of real women.
I don't think he'll be making women suits. I think he'll be found doing meth with a male prostitute. Or else in a men's room in the Minneapolis airport tap-tap-tappin' away.
this is really long. of course I agree this Shirvell guy is pretty fucked, sounds like a total loser whereas his target is a winner (gay president of a college). but doesn't AC360 have other important shit in the world to be focusing on too?

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