From what I hear, Alec Baldwin is extremely knowledgeable and well-informed on politics. Plus, if he can yell at other politicians like he yelled at his daughter, he'll probably get things done.
start at senator, alec. leave the house to the minor baldwins.
He does a good job at emulating the typical die hard Republican, so he must have a good sense of politics. If I could vote for him, I would.

Republicans will probably harp on the phone call to his daughter bit. If were lucky, he'll do a parallel between 30 rock and him running for office. Jack runs for Republican office, while Alec runs for Democratic office.
You forgot to mention Fred Grandy (R-Iowa).

I'd miss him on 30 Rock, but I'd start watching the shit outta C-SPAN.
Always. Be. Legislating.
Did you really imply that Franken isn't embarrassing because lol
Why is he embarrassing? Alec strikes me as a really smart guy, very well-informed, and very possibly a viable candidate for national office. Susan Sarandon's ex would've been embarrassing. Alec, not so much. That said, if he left 30 Rock, I would die.

Baldwin went on a rampage on Conan a decade ago, pretty much saying that he wanted to see several key Republicans dead.

It's taken as common wisdom that he said he would leave the country if Bush won the 2000 election. He didn't actually say that, but since when does the truth matter in politics?

Baldwin has long been lumped in with the Hollyweird Left. I honestly have no idea what his actual political positions are, but that also doesn't matter. His opponent will paint him as a liberal loony who's out of touch with "real" America, and he will lose the election in a swing district.
I still wish that Nancy Kulp - Miss Hathaway from "The Beverly Hillbillies" - had won her race for the House as a raging lib from PA back in the 1980s.
@9 His opponent would be a Republican and would paint Martin Luther King as Hitler.

You can't make decisions based on what Republicans will say about you because they will say anything, no matter how false, to get what they want.
Since when is Arnold Schwarzenegger embarrassing? He was a popular Republican governor in an overwhelmingly Democratic state.
Can we vote for Martin Sheen instead?
Congress is no place for Baldwins.

Martin Luther King never raged and ranted about killing people on national television.

You can make decisions about who is electable. And Alec Baldwin is not electable, not in any district that's remotely competitive.

Al Franken had less baggage, and he barely beat a smarmy brown-noser too cowardly to either repudiate Bush or stick with him.

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