So, the BIAW's self-serving workers' compensation "reform" Initiative 1082 goes down to defeat in every single county, and statewide by a whopping 19-point margin. And what message do the wise old sages on the Seattle Times editorial board take from that? Well obviously, that it's time to reform worker's compensation:

BY rejecting Initiative 1082, voters said they want the sale of workers' compensation insurance to remain in the hands of the state. The Legislature is still free to reform the program, and it should do so.


By that logic, the state is still free to impose a high-earners' income tax, despite the fact that I-1098 lost by an even greater margin, and I-1100's decisive defeat at the polls is a clear indication that it's time for the state to privatize the distribution and sale of liquor. (In fact, that's exactly the argument that nominally Democratic State Sen. Tim Sheldon recently made to Cienna.)

Once again proving that some of the most ardent defenders of the initiative process only really honor and respect the will of the people when they agree with them.

But I'll agree with the Seattle Times on one point: it is time to reform our workers' compensation system... at least to the extent that it prevents the BIAW and other right-wing organizations from skimming tens of millions of dollars a year off the top, to spend on self-serving, anti-worker initiatives like I-1082. I'm even willing to consider the Seattle Times proposals, as long as the final reform bill includes a substantial rewriting of the "retro rebate" program. So there.