I-1098 would have passed if the state would have revealed the proposed premium increase before the election. See this post:…

" I-1100's decisive defeat "

I-1100 only lost by a few percent, almost half voted for it. That's a heart breaking margin to lose by and does indicate that almost half the people are upset with the system. That's a big deal, and if it is better written next time when the economy is better it will pass. Your argument makes no sense, I-1082 lost by 20 points, I-1100 lost by 4.

Maybe you're thinking of I-1105 which lost by 20 points, but there was a very similar initiative on the ballot that was clearly more popular (despite a greater loss in state revenue than I-1105).
Thunderbird @1,

Um, I-1100 is currently losing by a seven point margin, and growing. That's a landslide in this sort of divided electorate.

It lost. It was defeated. So it's the "almost half" argument that's bullshit.
Damn, did it really open up that wide? Still, you're ridiculing the times for advocating for a really really unpopular initiative vs a less unpopular initiative. That's like saying since the Mariners are so bad, no one could possibly root for the Storm. Apples and oranges.

But, I will maintain that 53-46 is almost half, divided electorate or not.
This is the standard conservative, "we lost because we weren't more like ourselves" logic. "We weren't conservative enough conservatives." God forbid they'd ever admit they lost because they are PRECISELY WHO THEY ARE. Every defeat pushes them to conclude that they are right, and every victory confirms that they are right.

Must be nice to feel that way all the time. What an affirming existence, free from questioning, and the messier elements of reality.

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