Tony Perkins is the new Torquemada. The one that tortures children. Not disimilar from the priests who rape children.
"She was beaten because she was perceived to be in some way not conforming to her gender."

That's the heart of it, for me. It's what I think is at the root of homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, and any other gender-role-based hatred. This is what happens when you go around believing that there are ways that men and women are SUPPOSED to be, HAVE to be, and violence against them is acceptable if they just won't conform. I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if the Fellowship of Christian Youth meeting they just attended did its fair share of endorsing that kind of thinking. Not violence against people, oh no!-- just that there are ways men and women are supposed to behave, think, and look, and there's something wrong with them if they don't. Which, funnily enough, tends to lead to violence, because we can't just let those people walk around having something wrong with them and getting away with it.

Sigh. What a lovely beginning to a Saturday.
Yep, assault (well, battery in this case) is a crime, but it's also a tort -- and that means it could result in a ton of cash for the victim.
My new favorite song these days is "Mississippi Goddam". So appropriate.
Dear Randi's Parents-

Get a lawyer. Get a court order to get ahold of the video. Get Randi to a doctor. Get a full report of the injuries sustained. Get to a judge and cause some damage of your own.


A Concerned Citizen
Actually she was beaten because she has one of those "i" for "y" names and would use little smiley faces instead of a dot.
A fight is when two people get into a dust-up.
When you have multiple people pounding on one person, that's called mob action.
They finally have video evidence to back up the poor girl's story, and they are still insisting on giving the victim some of the blame?!!

Reminds me of one of the reasons I hated school so much. Five accounts vs one account does not make the one a liar... especially if the one is who got hurt.

Sounds like the bullies are doing the usual trick of convincing all the adults that they are responsible, kind, and well-behaved kids and they were just "playing around".
Well, she MUST have been doing SOMETHING wrong, or the Lord wouldn't have moved all those nice little Christian kids to beat the shit out of her. Obviously.

In other news, that link contains another link to a story about Pink Cleats Boy being reinstated to his team. Two thoughts: (a) he should wear a hot pink jock or cup or something, that's not part of the dress code / not visible to the fans, but that his coach & everyone on the team will know about. (b) His lawyer is HOT.
@3 do they even have cash in Mississippi?
Lets get some phone numbahs and email addresses please!
I suspect that few, if any, such bullies are people who regularly attend church.

While a kid certainly doesn't have to attend church to be a bully or an asshole, it's hardly a stretch to believe that if kids are repeatedly told by their religious-conservative parents, and hear at their conservative church, that there is something "wrong" with gays and lesbians, that a number of these kids will see this as a license to harass their gay and lesbian peers (or peers who they suspect of being that way.)
And Tony Perkins should go fuck himself.

Note that the story has been removed from the WREG website, and doesn't appear in any other news outlets. Make of that what you will
"Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion." -- Steven Weinberg
Can't repeat it often enough.
Duh, Randi isn't a boy's name, it's a stripper's name.
The first rule of Christianity is that you are persecuted, even when there's five of you kicking & hitting a young girl. Because persecuted people have carte blanche to do whatever they like.

The Israelis learned a thing or two from the Christians.
Hear hear.
While religion is not the only means of becoming stupid, hateful, self-indulgent and afraid, it's certainly the most efficient one.
There's no way to know if their Christian instruction had anything whatsoever to do with compelling these kids to attack the girl. All we can say, at best, is that it apparently didn't stop them.

Which is bad enough. Perhaps in the future the Fellowship of Christian Students could emphasize that beating the crap out of a girl for any reason at all is not exactly loving behavior, because apparently they haven't made that clear.
Here's a link where the people of Hernando are weighing in, most of them calling for criminal charges:…

In spite of the news story gone missing, this does seem to be a real event.
you ain't kiddin....
Gosh we don't recall Danny getting upset when six students sent a classmate to the ER in Jena........
"And Tony Perkins should go fuck himself."

I’m sure he does -- regularly -- while chanting, “Jesus hates fags! Jesus hates fags!” getting that dildo or reasonable facsimile thereof goooood and deep.

Does Danny have any evidence that these kids actually attend any church?
not that he needs any evidence or fact....
Having worked with kids, I have seen first hand, the cowardice when it comes to kids being attacked. The schools often take a strange zero-tolerance policy, and suspend everyone involved, which often includes a victim that did nothing to provoke such mistreatment. Sounds like the surveillance cameras aren't helping, when the adults refuse to be adults and hold the children accountable for their crimes.
My jaw hit the floor when I read that. In my experience, the worst bullies were always the ones I knew from both church and school...
anyone who's ever been a part of a youth group as a kid knows that there are bullies everywhere
@22: And while I'm giving definitions:
Discipline is when you punish a kid for their misdeeds. When you punish black kids significantly more severely than white kids for comparable actions, that's called racial prejudice.

@25: If I attended a meeting for a group called "Fellowship of Jewish Students", wouldn't you say that counts as evidence that I'm of the synagogue-going crowd?
Of course not. Because YOU border on anencephalic.

six white thugs beat and stomped a classmate and were not punished?

in Jena?

please share.....

It is a school club.

On campuses across the nation "christian" clubs are routinely required to admit anyone- even atheist bible hating homosexuals.

These five kids were probably homosexuals venting some rage against a preceived tranny.

Or maybe some Savage-fanboy homosexuals who share Dan's bigotry and hatred of bisexuals.
We can end this.

Join Dan Choi's Army for the Gettysburg to Washington Freedom March

@30: So you say that it is normal to count tennis shoes as deadly weapons, and that school officials weren't being at all racist?
If a black man is thrown in prison for shoplifting a candy bar, you don't have to find a white man who did the same thing and got off scot-free in order to call that racial discrimination.
@31: If someone's part of a group called "Fellowship of Christian Students", it's ridiculous to assume that they aren't, indeed, a Christian student.
Does Alleged have any evidence that these kids actually are atheist bible-hating homosexuals?
not that he needs any evidence or fact....

In short, you may wish to reconsider your assessment of who here is full of shit.

There is as much evidence that these kids actually are atheist bible-hating homosexuals as there is that they are "christian".

When you punish black kids significantly more severely than white kids for comparable actions, that's called racial prejudice.
Did any white kids in Jena commit a comparable crime and get off easier?

Your heroes pled guilty.
They must know something you don't.....
@34: No, there really isn't. They are attendant members of a group devoted to Christian students. They have no connection, so far as we know, to any atheist or homosexual organizations, nor is there any other reason to believe that they are as you suggested them to be.
@35: If several white kids HAD kicked a black kid with their tennis shoes, would they have been charged with assault with a deadly weapon?
It's not a question of "did a white kid get a more lenient punishment for the same crime". It's a question of "WOULD a white kid have gotten a more lenient punishment for the same crime". You're a bit slow on the concept.
The Jena Six pled guilty because they committed a crime; that changes nothing about their unfair and unjust treatment by local officials.

keep digging deeper, asshole.

what are the requirements to belong to the club in question?
you (and Danny) know NOTHING about the kids.
but leap to ASSumptions.
your anti-christian bigotry (and towering ignorance) is showing.

Would? Could? Should?
you're full of questions.
and shit.
you have no answers.
let us help.
the Jena Six were coward thug criminals.
who were made into heroes by the racist liberal left.
before they pled guilty.
@37: It is illogical NOT to assume, in the absence of other evidence, that members of the "Fellowship of Christian Students" are not Christian.
I don't even know where to begin on your analysis of the Jena Six incident; your ignorance, racism, and confirmation bias are rather too immense even for me to fully understand.
Clearly, God created your brain on Opposite Day.
You know, that's my name. =/

I totally got shit for it, growing up, too. None one beat me up for it, but older boys would follow me around and verbally harass me about it, as well as throw garbage at me. I remember being a terrified wreck for most of grade school. I'm outspoken now, but fuck, I'm 26, married, and it still isn't completely behind me. I still freeze up around particularly aggressive people, even if they're not being aggressive toward me. I just don't know how to handle them. This is ridiculous.

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