WTF? kids at cornell wear ties to class? maybe andy from the office is representative.
Holy carp! I had a professor do this at UW in 2001. Someone's cell phone rang. The Prof lost his friggin' mind. Started screaming and hollering and said we'd all sit there until someone admitted it was their phone or until someone ratted out the person. This was in Kane Hall, one of the giant two-story 700 person lecture classes. He starts walking up the aisles, yelling and demanding we tell him. After 5 minutes of this, he just said "Fine then, class is canceled" and he left. it was wild watching a grown ass man lose his cool in front of so many of us punk kids, ya know? Respect for teacher lost for the remainder of the quarter, and I made sure to never take any of his classes again.

Actually, a yawn is the response of the body trying to wake up by taking in more oxygen. It happens when the person is trying to stay away, or be attentive. So the professor should be flattered.
It's funny because he starts by saying nobody remembers what a telegraph is anymore and then he gets recorded acting a fool on a TELEPHONE!
What a dick - in my worst college class a history professor, and the most boring lecturer ever. This asshole once reamed this poor girl out for like 10 minutes because she, 5 minutes late for class, silently came in the room and sat down in the front row, disturbing no one. He threw a tantrum because she didn't come in the back door, because she was disrupting everyone else from learning.
The yawning for oxygen thing has been largely disproven. In fact, it can actually reduce your oxygen intake.
Is anyone else thinking this guy is an abuser in his personal life? I particularly noticed the "Don't make me do this again" line.
In one of my classes at WWU my old Nokia brick phone w/o vibration tech started ringing. I had forgot to shut it off and of course it was on key lock so I could not turn it off. It was a call from my dad and I regrettably answered it in a low voice and was about to get up and walk out the door quietly/tell him to call later when the teacher lost all cool, raised his voice and kicked me out of class.

Sadly it was a confirmation call telling me that my stepmother indeed had Prostate Cancer. A bad day all around as I was expecting the call for a few days. I visited the professor later on in the day and we both profusely apologized and I told him about the call.
of course he's an abuser in real life. "my bad side is as bad as my pleasant side is pleasant. don't push me there." isn't that in the abuser's handbook?
sorry, oops - i meant to write "personal life" not "real life." LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!!
Lectures are videotaped? In my day (like, the 90s) we had shitty lecture notes. Kids these days are so fucking spoiled.
Divorce is a hell of a drug.
How did a person wih a phone get all of those different angle shots? front of class, rear left, etc...
Take that "professor" seriously at your own peril.

I yawn in your face, prof.
@14 FTW
@9 - Margaret, That was my first thought as well. He's classic. He has some serious self esteem problems, like all abusers and bullies. I was hoping to see the whole class stand up and walk out en mass. They should have. He has all the nice, ambitious middle class kids by the short and curlies and he knows it, the prick.

He collected his bad karma in this video. It won't go well for him at the tenure review. Heh.
@10 Was your stepmother a transexual?
The thing about pitching a fit about respect is that it has never, in the history of humanity, had the intended effect.
Wow. That was quite a performance. I get annoyed by my students all the time and sometimes I use my big vocabulary to get their attention, but I have never, in my entire career as a professor, acted like a big asshole the way that guy did. It is mortifying to see toxic diva-hood as a substitute for teaching. Smart student who got it on video. Not good for the faculty member. I had to chair a committee once that assessed the fitness of a faculty member with anger management issues. We keep an eye on this kind of shit, at least in the public university system where I work.
if what he says is true, then i feel sorry for the dude. he said the same annoying loud yawning has been happening all semester. it's november. so that's means he's been ignoring it for two or three months. it's a huge hall, so those are probably freshmen, and it's probably a class that most of them dont want to take, maybe even a gen ed. so some freshman jackwad has been sitting in the back of the class for two or three months, yawning very loudly throughout the class in an obnoxious effort to show the prof how 'boring' the class is and how much the kid doesnt want to be there. i'd probably eventually lose my cool at that, too.
No snitchin, yo.
"I know who did it."
"Your Mom."
@Simone, did you say your step *mother* had prostate cancer? Was she pre-op M-F trans?
@22 Exactly.

Some rude jerk has been yanking the prof's chain for weeks and he blew up.

It happens.
@19 I was wondering! Women don't have prostates... Maybe she was.

But wiki says:
In 2002, female paraurethral glands, or Skene's glands, were officially renamed the female prostate by the Federative International Committee on Anatomical Terminology.
So we do.
Sorry Dan, I agree that there is a dick in this clip, but it is not the prof, it's the loud yawner. I think #22 is right on target. The yawner might as well be calling out "boring!". I would have been more clear than the prof was. Go ahead and yawn--but keep it silent. In other words, STFU!
that's nick mamatas
Students can definitely be passive aggressive and obnoxious (I really don't want to have to sit here and listen to you in order to get my grade and move on, so I'll let you know how boring this all is) and the guy with the overloud yawn definitely falls into that category.

That said, professors really are impotent in this situation, and this guy's inappropriate rage and hollow threats demonstrates that impotence more than anything else.

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