First to go was the bustling brick Central Area Chamber of Commerce building that was condemned and demolished after the Nisqually Earthquake and replaced with a vacant lot; one corner counterclockwise, the pharmacy closed in the building attached to the liquor store (now an SPD drop-in center where nobody drops in and is always locked, dark, and empty); next came the shooting at Philly Cheesesteak and since then a "For Lease" sign has been in the window.

That left one business standing at the corner of 23rd Avenue and East Union Street, the old Richlen's gas station, converted into a 76 Station—until today:

Thats all, folks
  • Central District News
  • That's all, folks

"We're still gathering details on what is happening but can report that the Union 76 gas station at 23rd and Union has its pumps taped off and is closed," reports Central District News. "Thanks to Ian for sending the tip about the darkened service station last night. The shelves of the quick market have been emptied. No information or signs are posted..."

Developer Jim Mueller filed a proposal with the city for a six-story building at the southeast corner (the old brick building, where there are currently some big photos displayed behind a chain-link fence is nothing but dirt), but I doubt anyone expects a building boom to come back to the city—especially this dead intersection—anytime soon.