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I for one prefer to not live vicariously through others and simply have real life sex with hot hung studs.

Real sex for real people!!!
Is it just me or does anyone else chuckle whenever someone uses the word "smear" with Rick Santorum?
What did you do to earn the moniker "saliva terrorist?"
Dear Porno Pete,
This is an intervention. We're taking your thesaurus away.
Aw, what a great post! I don't know too many married people who'd still be as cute together, and with each other, as you and Terry were in your IGBP video.

Anyone who actually reads what you write knows that you vet your (few) extra-marital sex partners with more consideration than a supreme court justice nominee.
Oh my God, he used 'orgy' as a synonym for 'threeway' in that 'article'. Doesn't an orgy by definition have to include a whole crowd of people? I think his imagination is running away from him, sweatily escalating into a whole new realm of fantasy. Which, unfortunately, he has decided to make public.
I like the saliva terrorist nickname. Dan, you should get business cards!

@3: He was writing about a conservative campaign in Iowa and got sick. He then, ingeniously/hilariously I might add, decided to lick doorknobs to try to get people helping the campaign sick.
This reminds me of that onion article about opponents fantasizing that the repeal of DADT would lead to gay sex everywhere.
I'd be outraged on your behalf, except this guy is too obviously not worth it...

One'd think that people who're always crying about same-sex marriage destabilizing society would want to stay as far away as possible from trying to make an example of couples like you and Terry.
You have three ways, four ways then group sex. After 8 people it is an orgy. Please make a note of it.
They are afraid of you. You are getting through to people on a unforeseen and unexpected grand scale. And that's a good thing for many, many people.
"longer than all but one of Newt Gingrich's three marriages (and soon it will have lasted longer than all four)"

Wait so has Newt been married three times, or four?
"longer than three of Newt Gingrich's four marriages, and soon it will have lasted longer than all four."

(apologies if your question was snark rather than confusion :)
I couldn't even read the page. Not because of the bile, but the truly eye breaking page layout. Must every other word be a link? Bold is for emphasis, but this page just foams at the mouth with bold paragraphs, odd and changing line lengths and terrible contrast.
Okay... "Barbie's" rant made me snort coffee. Thanks for the laugh!
@13 Whoops--reading comprehension fail, and here I was just trying to be helpful, I don't actually have any idea how many marriages any of those guys have had. More coffee...
Oh, and the next time they accuse you of being "anti-Christian," maybe you could suggest what you are against is religious tyranny.
That "Tshirt Picture"(tm) of you gets a lot of traction, doesn't it!

And OMG the layout of that webpage o.O And the hysteria pouring off it. Ugh. The unreadability! The bad taste! Oh wait, it's a homophobe site. Well alright, then.

Gotta love it. You're not a "hard core homosexual activist" -- somehow, you're a "hard cored homosexual activist." I can only assume that's a step up.

Anyone who's watched your IGBP video and not seen how much the two of you clearly mean to each other is simply blind. Meh.
And, y'all, perhaps we should weigh in at the numbers and emails given in the TAKE ACTION section at the top there, to counter some of that undoubted hysteria with some more calm & reasonable voices?
Further proof, as if any were needed, of three things:

1 - Hardline Christian activists use the word "extremist" to describe anybody who won't back down and give up their rights or have the temerity to insist on being treated as citizens in a democracy rather than accepting maltreatment by theocrats.

2 - Hardline Christian activists basically have one mindset for views which disagree with them: shut them down, NOW! it shouldn't be allowed!

3 - Hardline Christian activists spend way, way, way, waaaaaaaay too much time obsessing over gays and gay sex, and talking about gay sex, and insisting that public discourse talk about gay sex so that nobody gets to have or talk about gay sex, and thinking more and more about it and... [rest of post drowned out by Peter LaB's heavy breathing].
@BEG - Have you ever seen him in person? Dan /clearly/ works his core.
I couldn't even read it all. I could practically smell him foaming at the mouth after one paragraph.

Dude has issues.
@22 No I haven't, but it looks pretty clear to me from the video clips that he's got some kind of excellent workout practice going for him :)
I love how the crux of this Christian person's anger comes from the fact that a homo is being treated "with respect."

Anyway, I was pretty happy to read the sentence "WTTW has decided that there is no legitimate “other side” on the homosexuality issue"
@19 - ought that not be "hard core homosexual" activist?
I personally love the caption under that sassy "The White Tee Never goes out of style, Bitches" picture of Dan.

It reads: "Queer" sex columnist Dan Savage believes....."

Okay two questions: Why is "Queer" in quotes? Is Dan's sexuality in question? Even though he's been open about his relationship with his husband, adopting a kid with his husband and raising said kid as a family together WITH HIS HUSBAND, it's still not sending off the gay-dar for ol' Porno Pete?

and #2) Are we still using the word "Queer"? It seems much more demeaning than the word (SPOILER ALERT: BAD WORD A'HOY) "Fag" to me.
@27 In response to questions 2-- sometimes "queer" (well, okay, without the SCARE QUOTES!!1!) is just a better identifier, especially if you start bringing gender politics into it.
At least he linked to amazon when he mentioned your book.
@27, Queer has been reclaimed, there is even an entire field of academics called queer theory.
Way to keep the pot stirred up Daniel-san.
I enjoyed watching Dan's WTTW interview, so I have to give props to Porno Pete for sharing the link.
Thanks @ 27 and @31! I had no idea it was reclaimed.

I typically don't use "Queer" unless the words "As Folk" follow, but like to be mindful of others sensitivity and what not.
@21 well said
The part that makes me happy is that Porno Pete actually links to when discussing the (giggle) "smear". So Porno Pete is helping to spread Santorum!
I agree that Saliva Terrorist is an awesome name. Sounds like something from a parody porno movie.
Shorter @21: Projection.
That WTTW page -- talk about flash plugin overload o.O. I'll have to look at it later. Is it captioned and/or transcribed anywhere?
Hahahahaha. I wanted to go read the article (well, at least see what it was), but one of the add-ons I have tells me if a site is unsafe. Apparently, that one was deemed as having unreliable content.
Mentally healthy people don't care what others do in bed.

*Well, for giggles maybe, but not for indignation.
Yeah Flying Monkey @37, Gary Bauer still has a hard on for Dan after all these years. He mentions him everytime his Iowa campaign comes up.
"That’s why homosexual sodomy was once described as the “Infamous Crime Against Nature,” Dan; the only thing more disgusting than describing its after-effects is actually doing it in the first place."

So... heterosexual sodomy is okay, then?
Truly straight men don't obsess over gay sex. Ever.
Hello, SLOGgers. Look at this picture. Now look at that picture. Now back to this picture. Now back to that picture.
Apparently, they're the same picture. But if LaBarbera had someone use Photoshop on it, this picture might have been touched up to put lipstick on Dan so he looks gayer.
Who wants to take bets on 1) whether Porno Pete is gay, and 2) how soon it will be until we find out some young stud is lifting his luggage?
According to wiki Newt got married in 2000 and Danny got "married" in 2005.
Exacytly how soon will Danny overtake Newt?
Do homosexual marriage years count for two heterosexual marriage years, like dogs' age?
Maybe it just SEEMS like 11 years that Danny has been "married" to Terri.
And of course, comparing a Canadian marriage to a Real American marriage would be funny if Danny weren't being serious......
@26 LaBarbera's letter to WTTW describes Dan as a "hard cored homosexual activist". To me, that should have read "hard core homosexual activist". I don't know what a hard cored (something) is -- so maybe it's a step up? Maybe they're trying to emphasize that he's *really* *really* bad?

Or maybe they just can't type. I dunno... Anyway, it was just a tiny detail that made me smile. Because these people are just so... so... flamboyantly over the top.

It's waaaay to late to back pedal now, Danny.
Once you go on record advocating that the only way to endure your marriage is to be allowed to cheat flowers or oh-so-cute made up words won't cut it.

You're an immature selfish cheating asshole who desecrates marriage every time your foul infected lips croak the word.

Lots of people cheat.

Some man up to the mistake then earn their way back into the human race.
Others cop out and claim that marriage isn't possible without cheating.

careful Danny-
don't sprain something patting yourself on the back-
"just might be doing something right....."

stand back, girls-

Danny might POP with Pride any second now....

You have to give Danny credit, tho, he learned SOMETHING from the old-boys'-club.

the homo "marriage" version of keeping 'um pregnant and barefoot.

a "spouse" with no income or earning potential is much less likely to object to a cheating whore of a "husband".
even one who flaunts their cheating nationwide.

wonder just how long this arrangement would last if Terri was financially independent and secure.....
is anyone REALLY a stranger once you've had a three way with them?

obviously LaBarbera hasn't learned Danny's trick of correcting your illiterate posts without showing your work.....

doesn't he know EVERYBODY'S love creates a frothy fecal bacterial stew?


Danny's obsession with the sex lives of Republican women (and teenaged girls...) is proof of that.
You know, in recalling public details about Gringich's and Limbaugh's respective marriages, there turned out to be nothing mongamous about any of them. Not in the slightest. Gringich is fond of showing up at ex wifes sickbeds with new girlfriend and divorce papers in tow, and how many trips has Limbaugh made to the Dominican Republic or wherever the hell it is he goes off to with his supportive drugs?

if someone licked YOUR doorknobs and toilet seats to try to give YOU AIDS you might remember it too...

they are bad bad men.



It is pathetic how Bauer stalks Dan.

Didn't he cross the country to volunteer on Dan's campaign for something or another?

And lick the doorknobs, getting a hardon thinking that his tongue was where Dan's hand had been?

And lick the seats on Dan's toilet... -well- you get the sick disgusting picture......
@34: Also, gay means gay. Queer usually implies "not straight" which can mean anything from a Kinsey 6 (or 0; I always forget which way the scale slides) to 50/50 bisexual, to trans, to genderqueer... anyway. Queer is reclaimed :)
"Monogamish" - I want this word to be a thing. Lovely.
Wait a minute - he linked to your book on Amazon, to spreadingsantorm AND to your It Gets Better video??? Is he on your side without even knowing it?
first, someone please do something about the terrible layout on the page. why is it that all the right wing hate spewers seem to all use the same horrible design companies?

second, congrats on your work dan. they wouldn't be hollering so loud if they didn't think your message was getting through to people...
Oh, golly. His writing is terrible.
venomlash, the lipstick goes on the pig PP, not on Dan. We already know he's gay.
I swear they shooped a touch of lipstick onto Dan, compared to the same picture on Wikipedia!
@ Venomlash:

Wow, good catch -- I'm amazed you noticed that, and I think you might be right. If you compare them side by side, the color balance of the two photos is definitely different, and Dan's lips look noticeably more . . . rubicund . . . in the Americans for Truth photo (which is on the right). I'm not technologically savvy enough to know whether a color shift like that could occur accidentally, as a result of compressing the file or saving it in a different format or whatever, but I wouldn't be surprised if those whackjobs did it on purpose.
47 "comparing a Canadian marriage to a Real American marriage"

You wanna come up here to Alberta and say that to a married Canadian's face?
OK, so I've just watched the WTTW interview with Dan -- along with a long suffering friend (thank you!) to help translate. Nicely done!

I thought it was an interesting point, contrasting the importance of the videos done by everyone vs the celebrities and it's really a wonderful reversal in a way -- that the celebrity videos are sort of pointless to the kids because the message is that you'd be accepted if you were rich and famous? But they know the chances are they won't be, so the thousands of videos from people like you and me are much more important. Very, very true.

I wonder if the celeb videos are actually mostly important for straight teens -- they get role models that are acting positively toward LGBT issues. Something to counter the hatefulness that probably many of them get from the people around them in their lives. One can hope.

Given that you did no outreach for celeb videos, it's interesting in a way that they've jumped on the bandwagon anyway. Says something about the psychology of the celeb/audience dynamic.

And, oh yes, I emailed WTTW encouraging them to provide cc/transcripts online :D

Canadian babies are so ugly delivery doctors slap them in the face by mistake.....
Homophobe is only a pejorative if you ARE ONE.

Nice link, Dan
I emailed Peter by the way:

This is in regards to your letter on….

No news program is obligated to give equal coverage to bigotry. In fact, no news program is obligated to listen to you at all. I know you will neither listen to, nor understand, my words; however, I could not resist pointing out that traditional Christian views on homosexuality are bigotry, they are wrong, and you are scared.

And I'm glad.

I do not expect this email to change your life. I do not expect you to comprehend what I'm saying as anything other than liberal nonsense. But you, and people like you, are directly responsible for the astronomical suicide rate of gay youths. And we will not stand for it. We will not coddle your murderous vitriol with alabaster gloves anymore. We will not tolerate intolerance.

Bigots like you are approaching the minority, whether you realize it or not. And that is thanks in LARGE part to Dan Savage's "It Gets Better" campaign. Because for gay people, it does get better than listening to petty bigoted tyrants like yourself saying that it's wrong to be gay. Sorry to break it to you, but it's not. It is wrong to be a bigot. You may die a very old man without realizing it, but future generations have much to look forward to because of Dan's big heart.

I'd say a prayer for your soul, but I'm not religious. And frankly I'm pretty sure bigots don't have souls anyway.

Truly your antithesis,
For this sort, I think a simple "Your screams, my music," ( thanks Bruce Sterling) should suffice.
Unfortunately, they were right about just one thing: the aggressively hateful approach toward religion. As much as American style Christians horrify me, Dan's attacks make me cringe. His approach to anything related to religion often seems uncharacteristically cruel - I recall him repeatedly calling a man a "ridiculous Jewish fuckwit" and openly mocking Jewish customs because the man in question had moved from Reform to Orthodox Judaism, for example. Dan sets himself up for criticism this way. If he is incapable of talking about religion without becoming malicious, he should avoid the subject altogether.
@66: Oh, they definitely ran the whole thing through some sort of filter to bring out the warmer tones, judging by the picture overall. But they definitely SPECIFICALLY made Dan's lips redder. Whatever filter they used made his skin LESS pink, and there's a clear boundary on the image around where they tinted his lips.
It's been altered.
To Dan: I'm sorry that ass disrespected your marriage. I'm sure it's happened before, but still- people shouldn't have to deal with that.

Dan is an is a antireligious hatemongering bigot.

as bigoted and full of hate as any homophobe you will ever find.

and tho the targets may vary the hate is the same.
Hooray WTTW! This is so much better than your six days of two hour specials on the history of the National Park system. Stir it up, baby! Chicago Public Broadcasting rocks my socks. Where does Ira Glass broadcast from? Chicago. Where does Wait Wait Don't Tell Me record? Chicago. Whose PBS station has the balls to run an interview with Dan Savage? Chicago's.

Hey Pete, WTTW knows the fundies have nothing worth saying, that's why they didn't bring in a counterpoint. They broadcast, you know, the news and things that matter, not bigoted, incoherent, Bible-banging word diarrhea. When you have an argument that makes any kind of rational, emotional, or even - yes - spiritual sense and you can express it in a graphic design layout that doesn't make me want to scratch my eyes out, get back to us. In the mean time, your opinion doesn't matter, there are more of us than there are of you, and I'm going to encourage every friend I have in Chicago to write in to WTTW thanking them for interviewing Dan and to write to all of their Congressmen to tell them to keep funding Chicago Public Broadcasting.
@76 religion has caused real, measurable harm to homosexuals. Dan is justified in his opposition to Christianity.

P.S. suck my balls
The way they write about Dan and his family actually reminds me SO MUCH of how Rita Skeeter wrote about Dumbledore and Harry Potter. Please tell me I'm not the only one who thought of that, so I can feel better about myself.
S...Saliva terrorist? I think this guy might be fantasizing about you a little too much, Dan.
@73 and 76 Religion is no different than any other topic and holds no special place that requires us to respect it. Religion is no different than politics and just as politicians are fair game for criticism, satire and mockery so are religious leaders and their deities. Our refusal to defer to religion merely because it is religion is our way of taking away your power and neutralizing the power of religion. Expressing our contempt for your religion and your imaginary sky gods does not make us bigots. Stop trying to impose your belief that religion is a sacred idea that we must treat with deference and respect. Religious people can mock atheists and we are equally free to mock your beliefs.
Shorter Babs: "Why don't you call? Why aren't you interested in my opinion of what these terrible sweaty hung men are doing to each other?"
Dan Savage! I will babysit during your next orgy!
@ 19 - I've been hard cored. It's something that you have be in the right mood for.
Hello, this is an unregistered post from someone who's not Porno Pete.

Porno Pete, you're not fooling anyone, just because you post a million homophobic, idiotic posts under different names doesn't mean WE DON'T ALL KNOW THEY ARE ALL WRITTEN BY YOU.
Go Dan, the religious right has enough of a voice in the USA- they don't need any more air time.

BTW, Keeping slaves, segregated schools, black people at the back of the bus, used to be the norm too- have fun with your bigotry before the US wakes up like the rest of the world has.
Well, gee! No wonder your "marriage" has lasted longer than some other mens, when it isnt a marriage at all, having sex with other people when monogamy bores you, not to mention that people who have such malleable interpretation of monogamy are probably hooking up on the side without telling their partners. Lord knows your definition of honesty is as malleable as your definitions of marriage and monogamy! Indeed like most regressives, your relationship to the truth is downright adversarial when it gets in the way of what you want.

But then again, so does your relationship to the meaning of marriage!

Yes, you are correct, a phony marriage is easier than a real one. Which is why you dont have a real one. All you have proven is that were you held to the same standards of marriage as normal people, you would have failed as miserably, if not more miserably than they. So you bastardize the meaning of the word to mean whatever the hell you want it to mean. -- And then bitch that Americans wont subsidize it!

You are a FANTASTIC and very persuasive argument AGAINST gay marriage. Your standards or I should say lack thereof, were they adopted, would destroy the value the institution provides to society in the first place. Which is to encourage an environment where children are not robbed of having a mother, not robbed of having a father, but are raised by their own committed, monogamous, loving mothers and fathers.

Not an institution to humor gays delusions that sticking your dick up someones rectum is in morally, biologically or in any way equivalent to men and women coming together and creating life.

Be happy, be with whoever you want. Fuck the whole city if you want. But quit pretending its a marriage. But please stop pretending that homosexuality and your "open relationships" are as important or even remotely as consequential to society as real marriage between men and women. And quit pretending that your child wouldnt be better off if his mom hadnt donated him to a delusional couple playing make believe, so they can keep lying to themselves, pretending they are the same as everyone else, when they arent.

Yes, failed marriages are awful. Your promiscuous open relationship is just as failed as Rush Limbaughs -- in fact, more failed, because at least he has the excuse that straight marriage is held to a higher standard. Your standard is apparently whatever you want it to be -- which means you have no standard at all. Thats not a reason to lower the standard, that's just a GREAT reason to reject the gay redefition of what marriage should be!

By the way, is your server on AOL dial-up? You have the slowest website on the internet.

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