The whole prince and the plebeian business is not good...

Bad news took a back seat. The British people, struggling with job losses, cuts and economic hardship just as they were 30 years ago, were lifted out of the gloom for a day.

When it comes, the wedding will be another great boost to the country's morale, an excuse for a giant party, for people to take to the streets, embrace strangers and celebrate, just as it was in 1981. The nation fell in love with Diana, and the nation has once again fallen in love with the woman who wears her ring.

The prince should marry a princess, someone in his class. Not doing so, by marrying someone who is far beneath his station (Diana was at least an aristocrat), means people in the poor and middle parts of society will identify with those who are at the very top of it, those who in fact oppress them. Kate Middleton is a dangerous woman. She has stabbed her class in the back (her mother was an air hostess). Prince William has nothing in common with you or me or her. His world is not our world of work and constant worry. Without this understanding, all is lost. And all we get out of this marriage is more social distortion.

Think of the massive tax cuts Bush instituted a decade ago—40 percent of it went to 1 percent of this society. 40 percent to 1 percent of the American population. These people do not give a fuck about us one bit. Do not identify with them. They are aliens; they are the abductors; they are the unreal.