The district administration will never admit any wrongdoing unless they're called out on it. The mantra of "data-driven" is a joke because the higher-ups don't know what the word data means or choose to ignore it if it doesn't fit into their narrative (and an advanced degree in education doesn't make one good at math).

For example, one memorable meeting - a school fighting to keep an innovative program, one that led to the lowest achievement gap and best attendance in the district. High level official axing the program: "I wish I had had access to this data sooner". HER NAME WAS ON THE STUDY. She had coordinated all of the data collection but didn't bother to look at it or let what it told her drive her decision making. The meetings, the data collection was just theater.

It's still just theater.

I recommend the unregistered comment above me. Data falls prey to a combination of ideology and dollar signs in our schools these days. What is it... Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics?
15 percent of Americans are college graduates. 17 percent of kids' being prepared for college sounds on track to me.
@3: Sarcasm?
So understand. The Superintendent lied. Her staffers lied. They sat in public meetings and told this over and over (and it's about 48% are college ready, not 17%). Both the School Board president and PTSA president asked her about this and were told "we'll get back to you."

Our Superintendent couldn't have used a minute of her precious State of the District speech to say this because she can't EVER admit she's wrong. Mistaken, misspoke, but wrong? No.

She did this to push her ed reform agenda down our throats. She and the Alliance for Education and the Seattle Foundation all know best, no dissents, no other opinions, no "what if we try this instead?"

Her hubris is going to be the end of her.

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