As we reported yesterday, Michael LaRosa, the 26-year-old man arrested on suspicion of using a hatchet to kill another man on a Capitol Hill street Monday morning, has a history with the local criminal justice system. He's been jailed for assault, harassment, and, most recently, for violating a restraining order obtained by his former girlfriend.

In court documents filed in February, the former girlfriend asked for the restraining order because, she said, LaRosa was frightening her and refusing to accept the end of their relationship. "I ended the relationship and he refused to leave," she wrote. "He has continued to have fits of rage in which he is verbally abusive and threatening and physically violent to himself and my property."

She said he was stealing money from her, was "in mental health court and on probation and violating his probation," and was "getting progressively worse." She continued: "In Sept. 2009 he destroyed all my household including furniture, photos, letters, and keepsakes... He used a knife on the couch and destroyed it."

She requested a restraining order "of longer than a year because I am fearful of his actions and fearful of retaliation," and she was quickly granted a two-year restraining order. Attached to that order was this poem:


With reporting by Stranger intern Matt Luby.