I'm happy Lake Washington canceled school tomorrow, since the day was ending at 10:30 AM anyway. It seemed like a crazy risk to take to get them to school and back on the local icy roads for about 2 and a half hours of actual school time...
Man, I hear it in my head, "SCHOOL'S OUT FOREVER...!!"
I'll hate it in June, and it'll fuck up a couple of labs I've got going, but I love it now.

With the ice a late start would be necessary, and school lets out an hour early on the day before Thanksgiving anyway (attendance is spotty too), so the call makes sense.

Walking around West Seattle in the sunshine today was lovely. Everyone was in a good mood.
paging mrs. fatasian.
My kid's school robo-called me last night to let me know they were cancelling school for today. Even though she didn't have school, since her school is doing parent conferences this week.
They called at 10:45. Woke me and my sick baby from a very deep sleep.
I don't care if the school is burning down, they do not need to call me at 10:45 at night to tell me there's no school the next day. There wasn't going to be - snow or not - and I know how to check the news anyway.

But thank you, Highline Schools, for waking my feverish infant last night. I appreciate the update on my kindergartener's already-closed school.
Meh. Our elementary school in Seattle was closed for conferences Monda-Wednesday anyway.
I'm with the other 'rents of elementary kids: School was already closed.

We had a fine day of sledding today. Superfine.
Sweet sweet snow day!

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